Meta is planning to make WhatsApp smarter, will soon add AI chatbot, photo editor and more

Meta is planning to introduce AI-powered features like a chatbot and photo editor in WhatsApp. The introduction of these new features is aimed at making the platform more intelligent, interactive, and user-friendly.
Meta is planning to make WhatsApp smarter, will soon add AI chatbot, photo editor and more
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Meta is planning to give its instant messaging platform, WhatsApp, a significant facelift with a suite of new features powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Reports suggest the company is developing and testing features like an AI chatbot, an in-app AI photo editor, and enhancements designed to make interacting and creating content within the app a more intelligent and user-friendly experience.

According to a recent report by WABetaInfo, a website known for tracking WhatsApp updates, WhatsApp is testing new features that leverage Meta's own AI model. Currently, the company is trialling an AI-powered chatbot and a photo editor on the latest beta versions of WhatsApp. These features are joined by a new generative AI-powered photo editor, allowing users to create photos akin to AI-generated stickers.

The report further highlights one of the most exciting additions: an AI-powered chatbot. This chatbot, dubbed "Meta AI" by WABetaInfo, will be directly accessible within WhatsApp, enabling users to ask questions and retrieve information without ever leaving the app. Imagine needing to quickly verify a fact or translate a message in real-time - Meta AI will be there to assist you. Additionally, there's a hidden shortcut for Meta AI in the top bar (currently inactive), hinting at future integration beyond just a dedicated chat window.

Next up is the generative AI photo editor. This feature, under testing in a separate beta version, allows users to edit or manipulate their photos creatively. Using this generative AI feature on WhatsApp, users will be able to enlarge their images, apply artistic effects, or even completely change the background. All of this allows for photo editing directly within WhatsApp. This feature, combined with the previously reported ability to create stickers and photos within the app, will pave the way for a more interactive and enjoyable way to engage on the platform.

Sharing insights on how users will be able to utilise the feature in the future, the report suggests that WhatsApp is exploring a significant user experience upgrade: integrating Meta AI queries into the search bar. This means you won't need to navigate to a separate chat window to interact with the AI assistant. Instead, you'll be able to type your questions or commands directly into the search bar, streamlining your access to AI-powered information and assistance. This integration not only saves time but also enhances accessibility, making Meta AI's capabilities readily available at your fingertips.

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Meta is planning to make WhatsApp smarter, will soon add AI chatbot, photo editor and more

With the addition of an AI chatbot, photo editor, and more intuitive search functionality, Meta is laying the groundwork for a more intelligent WhatsApp. These features promise to transform the way users interact with the platform, opening doors for a more creative, informative, and efficient communication experience.

Source: India Today

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