Now hum a song and YouTube will find it for you

YouTube is changing the way we find music with its new song search function, allowing users to hum or record a snippet of a melody to discover songs instantly.
Now hum a song and YouTube will find it for you

Shazam is cool, but have you ever imagined how amazing it would be if you could just hum a song and let an app find it for you? Well, that is going to be reality soon for the music lovers.

Google-owned YouTube has unveiled an exciting new experiment that's sure to strike a chord with music enthusiasts. The platform has announced its latest feature–a song search function that lets Android users find tunes by simply humming or recording a snippet of the melody. The company shared the news on its 'YouTube test features and experiments' page on Tuesday.

So, how does this melodic magic work? Participants in this experimental phase can switch from the regular voice search to the innovative song search feature. With a melodious hum or a short recording lasting more than three seconds, users can summon the virtual music genie to identify the song. Once the song is recognized, a treasure trove of results awaits.

While this whimsical feature is still in its early stages, it's already tickling the fancy of Android users across the globe. A select group of fortunate individuals are getting to witness this symphonic experiment in action.

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Now hum a song and YouTube will find it for you
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Now hum a song and YouTube will find it for you

But that's not all – YouTube has more tricks up its sleeve. In its quest to enhance the user experience, the platform is testing a smart organization feature for the Subscriptions feed. This feature will gather multiple uploads from a single creator within a short time span and present them in an easily accessible shelf. This not only aids viewers in locating desired content but also alleviates the pressure on creators to churn out numerous daily uploads.

The goal? To streamline content consumption and provide viewers with the opportunity to seamlessly engage with videos as they scroll through their feed. This is YouTube's way of helping viewers discover exciting content without feeling overwhelmed by a constant barrage of uploads.

YouTube isn't merely fine-tuning its music and content discovery game; it's also embracing the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Earlier this month, the platform introduced a feature that auto-generates video summaries using AI. These bite-sized summaries offer users a quick peek into a video's essence, helping them decide if it aligns with their interests. It's important to note that these AI-generated summaries are designed to complement, not replace, the descriptive nuggets provided by content creators.

As YouTube continues to fine-tune its symphony of features, users can look forward to an enhanced, harmonious experience. With the promise of effortless song searches and clever content organization, the platform is hitting all the right notes to keep its audience engaged and entertained.

Source: India Today

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