Smriti Irani on Amethi's progress: 'Rahul Gandhi's mother ran government yet...'

Smriti Irani has accused Rahul Gandhi and the Congress of neglecting Amethi's development, citing a lack of basic facilities during their tenure, while highlighting BJP's efforts to address the constituency's needs.
Smriti Irani on Amethi's progress: 'Rahul Gandhi's mother ran government yet...'
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Union Minister Smriti Irani on Monday alleged Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party did nothing for the progress of Amethi. BJP's sitting MP from the constituency also said Rahul Gandhi was hopeful of coming back to Amethi after elections in Kerala's Wayanad.

Speaking exclusively to Aaj Tak, India Today's sister channel, Smriti Irani said, "The BJP has fulfilled most of the demands put forth by the people of Amethi, which the Congress failed to address in the past so many years."

The Union Minister also numbered the houses that got electricity, constructed toilets and received other basic facilities.

"Rahul Gandhi has been an MP from Amethi, and, surprisingly, he did not even pay heed to necessities, including toilets," Irani said.

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Smriti Irani on Amethi's progress: 'Rahul Gandhi's mother ran government yet...'

Also taking a dig at former Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, Irani said, "My mother didn't run a government, but Rahul Ji's mother ran a government at the Centre, yet why hasn't anything been done for Amethi?"

"The Congress is waiting for elections in Wayanad, perhaps after that they might come here to contest the elections," she asserted.

While Rahul Gandhi's constituency, Wayanad, goes to polls on April 26, elections in Amethi are scheduled on May 20.

In a major upset for the Congress in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Irani wrested Amethi from Rahul Gandhi, who had held the constituency for 15 years.

The Congress has not yet declared its candidate for the seat, but local party workers are rooting for Rahul Gandhi to contest again.

Earlier, the Union Minister alleged that Rahul Gandhi never raised issues of Amethi in Parliament and was often missing from the House.

She alleged that despite Rahul Gandhi being an MP for 15 years, the people in Amethi could not even get clean drinking water, which was supplied to their house only after Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister.

Monday was the fifth day in Amethi of Irani, who is seeking a second term from the constituency on a BJP ticket.

Source: India Today

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