People of my country have rejected “Bhram ki Rajneeti”: PM Modi in today’s Rajya Sabha address

The Rajya Sabha session resulted different, as the opposition started walking out between the speech of PM Modi.
People of my country have rejected “Bhram ki Rajneeti”: PM Modi in today’s Rajya Sabha address
Source: PTI

During the Parliament session of Rajya Sabha on 3rd July 2024, the Prime Minister, in the reply to the debate on a motion thanking the President for her address, PM attacks the Opposition, and says that the citizens of India has showed their support for performance instead of propaganda, he highlighted the fact that people have shown trust in BJP 3 times.

The Opposition leader Rahul Gandhi questioned the central government and PM Modi, that they have turned Manipur condition in “Civil War”, in answer to the Manipur violence, PM added that the central and state government are working continuously for maintaining the peace in the state, and even explained that how the violence is declining in the parts of Manipur and even schools have been resumed. 

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People of my country have rejected “Bhram ki Rajneeti”: PM Modi in today’s Rajya Sabha address

“The government is continuously working to normalize situation in Manipur. Whatever happened in the state, over 11,000 FIRs were filed in Manipur, more than 500 people were arrested. We will have to accept that the incidents of violence are on constant decline in Manipur.” PM added. Over this debate, Pm Modi gave a remark to congress, that “Stop politicizing Manipur issue, one day Manipur will reject you.” From both the sides of the Parliament, each leader was trying to add anew dimension in the discussion which would lead to promote aggressive arguments in the Rajya Sabha. 

PM Modi highlighted the NEET scam during his speech, and defended the government in this scam by presenting their support for the students who have been victimized through the paper leak, he assured the aspirants that the government will not spare the organizations who are playing with the future of the students. PM also focused on the achievements of BJP government in the last 10 years and the changes they have brought in the country, with an extreme comparison with the former government  strategies and policies. 

He brought the attention on the recipient of the UPA’s loan waiver were only 3 crore farmers, but the NDA’s PM Kisan scheme benefited over 10 crore farmers in the country. He also added that, the economic condition of India has been improved a lot as it has now been ranked as 5th largest economy in the world as before it was at 10th position. PM provided an enthusiastic approach that BJP is working towards in making India as the third largest economy in the world, as it will not only have a positive impact domestically, but India will bring out a change globally. 

In the heat of argument, the LoP Mallikarjun Kharge wanted to speak in between PM Modi speech in Rajya Sabha address but the speaker Jagdeep Dhankhar did not provided a chance for the opposition to intervene, which somehow made them to take an aggressive move and the leaders from the left wing, started walking out in between of the address, which caught attention of the public as people are framing it out as an act of disrespect to the Constitution.

During the walkout of the opposition, PM continued his speech and addressed that, “the opposition has been defeated; now they are shouting and running away.” He even added that the nation is watching that the people who are spreading lies over multiple issues, do not have an courage to listen the truth, which has become a reason for the left wing to oppose and leave the parliament session in between. 

Over this, the public has a mix of reaction as some are saying that the opposition started to leave the session as PM targeted the queen of their party, that is Sonia Gandhi, and the opposition was not ready to listen to the facts and figures presented by PM Modi during the parliamentary discussion abput multiple issue, which have been raised by the opposition leader in previous discussions.  

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