'Only knows how to cook': Congress MLA's remark on BJP woman candidate sparks row

Karnataka Congress MLA Shamanur Shivashankarappa said the BJP's Lok Sabha contestant for the Davangere constituency, Gayathri Siddeshwara, "only know how to cook in kitchen" and does not have strength for public-speaking.
'Only knows how to cook': Congress MLA's remark on BJP woman candidate sparks row
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Karnataka Congress MLA Shamanur Shivashankarappa sparked a row over his controversial comments against BJP's Lok Sabha candidate from the Davangere seat. While campaigning for his daughter-in-law Prabha Mallikarjun, who is the Congress's candidate on the seat, the MLA said the BJP candidate "only knows how to cook in the kitchen".

The BJP has fielded Gayathri Siddeshwara, the wife of Davangere MP GM Siddeshwara, as the party's candidate for the seat.

Referring to Gayathri Siddeshwara, Shamanur Shivashankarappa said, "As you all know, she wanted to give a Lotus flower to (PM) Modi by winning the elections. First, let them understand the problems of Davangere. We have done developmental work in the region. It's one thing if you know how to talk, but they only know how to cook in the kitchen. The opposition party lacks the strength to talk in public."

The BJP has lodged a complaint with the Election Commission against the Congress MLA over his remark.

Reacting to Shivashankarappa's remark against her, Gayathri Siddeshwara questioned which profession has not been taken up by women in the present.

"He said it in a way that we should only cook and remain in the kitchen. What profession are women not in today? We are even flying in the sky. The old man doesn't know how much women have progressed, he doesn't know the love with which all women cook at home for men, children and elders," said Siddeshwara.

She added that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has helped women grow and become independent.

Karnataka BJP Vice President Malavika Avinash said it was "surprising" that Shamanur Shivashankarappa made such remarks as the Congress leader's daughter-in-law is also in the fray.

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'Only knows how to cook': Congress MLA's remark on BJP woman candidate sparks row

"One is really surprised that he should have spoken in such a lowly manner of another lady who is contesting from that constituency," said Avinash. She demanded an apology from the Congress over the MLA's remark and said it has become "habitual behaviour" of the party.

She mentioned Congress leader Supriya Shrinate's purported objectionable remarks about Kangana Ranaut, who is the BJP's Lok Sabha candidate for Himachal Pradesh's Mandi seat.

"This has become a habit that people say such unwanted, unwarranted things about women. And Mr Shamanur Shivashankarappa actually said that Gayathri Siddeshwara should be at home. Is it so sir? This is not a day and time when women sit at home. Indeed, they do run their homes too. But along with that, they fly fighter jet planes, they go into space. This is the kind of women that India is producing," said the BJP leader.

She accused the Congress of having a "typical traditional conventional mindset which speaks so lowly of women" and demanded an apology from the party for the MLA's remarks. 

Source: India Today

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