Bihar Politics: Nitish Kumar Takes Oath As CM For 9th Time, Formed Alliance With BJP

Bihar Politics LIVE Updates: Along with Nitish Kumar, BJP's Samrat Choudhary, Vijay Sinha, Dr Prem Kumar, JD(U)'s Sharawan Kumar, HAM's Santosh Suman, and Independent MLA Sumit Singh took oath today.
Bihar Politics: Nitish Kumar Takes Oath As CM For 9th Time, Formed Alliance With BJP
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Nitish Kumar RESIGNS as Bihar CM 

History Of Nitish Kumar Switching Sides

Kumar’s exit from Mahagathbandhan, which he had joined less than 18 months ago, would deal a body blow to the opposition bloc INDIA. He had joined hands with RJD, founded by his former arch-rival Lalu Prasad, in August 2022 after he severed ties with the BJP which he accused of having tried to engineer a split in the JD(U).

The longest-serving CM of Bihar, thereafter, embarked upon a drive to bring together all parties, across the country, to take on the BJP that culminated in the formation of the opposition bloc INDIA. Over the past two decades, Kumar has frequently switched alliances between the BJP and the RJD-Congress-Left coalition while retaining his position in office.

Bihar Politics LIVE: JD(U)'s Sanjay Jha Reaches BJP Office

JD(U) leader Sanjay Jha arrives at the BJP office in Patna, Bihar. BJP is likely to extend support to the JD(U) to form NDA government in Bihar.

"Knew it would happen," says Congress Chief Mallikarjun Kharge on Nitish Kumar's exit from Mahagathbandhan

Nitish Kumar 'U' Turn: MLAs Unanimously Passed Proposal to Form NDA govt in Bihar

Bihar MLAs unanimously passed the proposal to form the NDA government in the state with BJP, JD(U) and other allies.

Samrat Chaudhary has been elected as the Leader of the legislative party, Vijay Sinha elected as the Deputy Leader.

Bihar News LIVE Updates: Samrat Choudhary, Vijay Kumar Sinha Likely To Be BJP's DY CMs In Bihar

Bihar political crisis: “Samrat Choudhary and Vijay Kumar Sinha have been elected as leader and deputy leader of the legislative party, respectively. Most certainly, they will be our face for the deputy CM position,” says BJP leader and former Bihar Deputy CM Tarkishore Prasad.

Bihar News LIVE Updates: Nitish Kumar, 6 Ministers To Take Oath Today

Nitish Kumar, Samrat Chaudhry, Vijay Sinha, Sharawan Kumar (JDU), Dr Prem Kumar (BJP), Santosh Suman (HAM), and Sumit Singh (Independent) will take oath today.

Nitish Kumar's Resignation: 'Garbage Back in Dump', Says Lalu Yadav’s Daughter

Following Nitish Kumar’s resignation as Bihar’s Chief Minister on Sunday, former Chief Minister and RJD chief Lalu Yadav’s daughter, Rohini Acharya took a swipe at JD(U) chief and said the ‘garbage is now back into the bin’.

“Garbage goes back into the dustbin Garbage – Happy stinking garbage to the group!” she wrote in Hindi in a post on X.

Bihar News LIVE Updates: LJP Will Be Part Of Nitish Kumar's Swearing In As NDA Ally, Says Chirag Paswan

“Will there be a common minimum program or not… all that will be discussed. I’ll be taking part in the oath ceremony as an NDA partner. We have ideological differences with Nitish Kumar. But if we take BJP’s vision, our vision of Bihar first, Bihari first…,” said LJP’s Chirag Paswan

Bihar News LIVE Updates: Nitish, Tejashwi & PM Modi Should Apologise To People of Bihar, Says Asaduddin Owaisi

“Regarding the political changes happening in Bihar, Nitish Kumar, Tejashwi Yadav, and PM Modi should apologise to the people of Bihar. All of them have deceived people with promises and their parties’ ideologies. And Nitish Kumar has the biggest role in this. Till yesterday, Nitish Kumar used to say Owaisi is the B team (of BJP),” says AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi, reacting to Nitish Kumar’s resignation as Bihar CM.

Bihar News LIVE Updates: Opposition is Strong In Bihar, Says Congress

On Nitish Kumar and JD(U) joining NDA, Congress leader Tariq Anwar says, “We have faced such challenges several times. The Opposition is strong here. RJD, Congress and Left will face this challenge together and I think people of Bihar won’t forgive Nitish Kumar this time. People of Bihar are being toyed with. They are being mocked. Bihar’s image has suffered a blow…”

Bihar News LIVE Updates: BJP Workers Celebrate As NDA Stakes Claim To Form Govt

BJP workers celebrate in Bihar’s Patna after Nitish Kumar & BJP stake claim to form the government in the state.

Bihar News LIVE: JD(U) Blames Cong's 'Obduracy' for INDIA Bloc Collapse in Bihar, Targets Rahul

The JD(U) on Sunday blamed the Congress for the collapse of the INDIA bloc in Bihar, saying its leaders were interested in strengthening their party and not the opposition grouping.

Janata Dal (United) spokesperson K C Tyagi told reporters that a “caucus” within the Congress wanted to capture the INDIA bloc leadership and its president Mallikarjun Kharge’s name was proposed as the chairperson of the grouping as part of the conspiracy.

Bihar News LIVE Updates: Preparations Underway at Patna's Raj Bhavan For Oath-taking Ceremony

Bihar News LIVE: To Swap Anytime Has Become a Part of Nitish Kumar's Politics, Says Poll Strategist Prashant Kishor

On JDU Chief Nitish Kumar resigning as the CM of Bihar and JD(U)-BJP alliance, Prashant Kishor, Poll Strategist said, “I have been saying this since starting that Nitish Kumar can swap anytime. This has become a part of his politics… He is a ‘paltumaar’. But this (registration of Nitish Kumar) has also proved that not only Nitish Kumar, but BJP and every other leader is also a ‘paltumaar’. Their (BJP) members who were earlier accusing him for several issues are today welcoming him…”

Bihar News LIVE Updates: Bihar Dy CM Tejashwi Yadav Says 'JDU Will Be Finished in 2024

On JDU Chief Nitish Kumar resigning as the CM of Bihar and JD(U)-BJP alliance, Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav said, ‘Khela Abhi Baki Hai’. He further said that JDU Will Be Finished in 2024.

Bihar News LIVE Updates: Work Done in 17 months Could Not be Done in 17 years (of BJP-JDU rule), Says Tejashwi Yadav

Addressing the political scenario in Bihar, RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav said, “Why should we not take credit for the work we have done? … The CM who used to say that it is impossible to give jobs, we gave jobs and showed that it is possible. We brought new policies in tourism, IT, and sports. The work that was done in 17 months could not be done in 17 years (of BJP-JDU rule). We did historic work in the 17 months…”

Bihar News LIVE Updates: Nitish Kumar Takes Oath As CM For 9th Time

Bihar News LIVE Updates: BJP's Vijay Sinha Takes Oath as Minister in NDA Govt

BJP’s Vijay Sinha takes oath as minister in NDA government. He was the LoP in the Bihar assembly when Mahagathbandhan government was in power

Bihar News LIVE Updates: BJP's Samrat Choudhary Takes Oath as Minister

BJP’s Samrat Choudhary takes oath as the minister of Bihar.

Bihar News LIVE Updates: This All Was Pre-planned, To Break INDI Alliance BJP-JD(U) Planned This, Says Kharge

On BJP-JD(U) alliance, Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge said, “This shows that it was all pre-planned. To break the INDIA alliance they (BJP-JD(U)) planned all this… He (Nitish Kumar) kept us in the dark, he kept Lalu Yadav in the dark…”

Bihar News LIVE Updates: PM Modi Congratulates Bihar CM After NDA Govt Formation in State

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to X to congratulate Bihar Chief Minister.

Bihar News LIVE Updates: Nitish Kumar Says He Works For State's Development And Will Keep Doing So

In his first speech after taking oath as Bihar CM, Nitish Kumar said that he works for the state’s development and will continue to do so. He further said, ” We were with BJP before also.”

Bihar News LIVE Updates: Came Back to Where I Was, No Question of Going Back Anywhere Else, Says Bihar CM Nitish

Bihar News LIVE Updates: Nitish Ji Coming Back to NDA is Good News For Bihar, Says BJP's JP Nadda

On Nitish’s entry back to the NDA, BJP President JP Nadda said that Nitish ji coming back to NDA is a good news for Bihar. He also said, “INDI Alliance is not going to last…it is an unholy alliance…”

Bihar News LIVE Updates: Nitish Expresses Gratitude For PM Modi After Joining NDA Govt

A total of 8 leaders took oath as cabinet ministers in the new government led by Nitish Kumar.

Bihar News LIVE Updates: Great Day For All of Us, Target to Win 40 LS Seats, Says BJP MP Rama Devi

On Nitish’s entry back to the NDA fold, BJP MP Rama Devi said, “BJP and JD(U) have come together to form government on the issue of Bihar’s development; it is a great day for all of us. Our target is to win all the 40 Lok Sabha seats in the state and make a glorious Bihar.”

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