WhatsApp users will now be able to share up to 100 media within chat: Report

WhatsApp users will now be able to share up to 100 media within chat: Report

WhatsApp has rolled out some new features for people using the Android version of the app. The messaging app has added the ability to share up to 100 photos with contacts and also to add a caption while sharing a document on WhatsApp. A few more minor updates have also been released for the stable version of WhatsApp.

Here are the few updates:

People can now share a lot of images in one go. WhatsApp now lets anyone share up to 100 images with contacts. As of now, the limit was set to 30 and if WhatsApp users have hundreds of images to share of some event, then they had to repeat the process of sharing images because the sharing limit is pretty low. The new limit of 100 could offer a big relief to those who like clicking a lot of photographs and exchanging them with friends on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp now also lets all users add longer group subjects and descriptions to better describe the group existence. There is also now an option to create personalized avatars and use them as stickers and profile photos. For this, one just needs to go to Settings > Avatar to create one. Moreover, WhatsApp now also offers the option to let you add captions when sending any type of document to anyone.

While the increase in photo sharing limit is the best addition yet, other minor updates will likely help people in some way. WhatsApp is also expected to soon let people share images in their original quality, which will be another big update in 2023. Currently, the service compresses the quality of the photos or videos that you share with anyone on the messaging app.

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