Thief enters house in Lucknow, falls asleep in AC, cops wake him up

A thief, who entered a house in Uttar Pradesh's Lucknow to rob, fell asleep after turning on the air conditioner in the drawing room. He was arrested after the police found him sleeping comfortably.
Thief enters house in Lucknow, falls asleep in AC, cops wake him up
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A man in Uttar Pradesh's Lucknow was arrested on Sunday (June 2) after he was found sleeping peacefully on the floor of a house where he had entered to rob. According to police, the man was heavily drunk and fell asleep inside the house upon finding an air conditioner and turning it on.

The incident happened in the early hours of Sunday when the man entered the house located in Indiranagar area of Lucknow. The house belonged to one Dr Sunil Pandey, who is posted in Varanasi and was away at the time of the incident. Finding the house empty, the man broke in by opening the front gate of the house.

After moving to the drawing area of the house, the man noticed the air conditioner and switched it on. Then, he laid down comfortably on the floor, placing his head on a cushion and soon fell asleep.

Upon finding the front gate of the house open, neighbours of Dr Pandey rung him up. However, as he was not in Lucknow at the time, he informed the police.

When the police arrived at the spot, they found the man sleeping comfortably with the air conditioner turned on. A picture of the thief shows him holding a mobile phone in his right hand and in deep sleep.

DCP North Zone R Vijay Shankar said the man entered the house with the intention of stealing, but fell asleep.

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Thief enters house in Lucknow, falls asleep in AC, cops wake him up

The police said that further action would be taken in the matter.

Source: India Today

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