Harrdy Sandhu Opens Up On Sexual Harassment On Stage: 'A Lady Licked My...'

Actor-singer Harrdy Sandhu was faced with an unpleasant experience on stage during a performance.
Harrdy Sandhu Opens Up On Sexual Harassment On Stage: 'A Lady Licked My...'
Anjali Raj // Jaano Junction

Harrdy Sandhu, who is going on his maiden India tour in November, recently opened up on harassment he faced on stage.

Recalling a concert during which a woman from the audience misbehaved with him on stage, he said, “There was a private wedding show some one and a half or two years ago. In front of me, there was, in her, mid-30s, 40 or 45, between these ages a lady. She was dancing and telling me she wants me to join me on stage. I told her, ‘If I call you, other people will also want that and it will be difficult’. But, she wouldn’t budge. She insisted being in stage. Then, I gave in. I said, ‘aap aa jao’. She came up and requested to dance with me on a song. I said, ‘Okay, let’s do it’. We danced on one song and I said, ‘Okay, now are you happy?’ Then she went on to ask, ‘Can I hug you?’ I said okay. Brother, she hugged me and she licked my ear. Now, think about it. What if the roles were reversed? What could I have said? These things happen.

Speaking of his tour, he recently told HT, “While it took a long time for the singer to plan something this big, keeping the fans waiting, he looks at it with a positive lens. “I strongly believe there’s a timing for everything, and I think this is the right time for it. This is the first time that I am going on an India tour and I’m super excited about it. We have a great lineup and I can’t wait to give back the love to my audiences that they have always showered on me and my music. As much as I’m looking forward to seeing my fans, my bigger thought is to make sure they have a blast when they attend the concert.”

Source: News18

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