Class 8 boy thrashed, stick inserted into genitals by schoolmate in Delhi

A 14-year-old boy was beaten by his schoolmates in Delhi. One of the perpetrators allegedly inserted a wooden stick in his genitals.
Class 8 boy thrashed, stick inserted into genitals by schoolmate in Delhi
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A Class 8 student in Delhi was allegedly assaulted by his schoolmates and one of them inserted a wooden stick into his private parts. The Delhi Police registered an FIR in connection with the incident, and a juvenile has been apprehended.

The 14-year-old student had allegedly got into a fight with his schoolmates before he was cornered by four of them and brutally thrashed. According to the FIR, the incident took place on March 18.

The student's family accused the police and the school authorities of negligence, alleging a lack of cooperation. They claim that they have been denied access to the school principal.

The Class 8 student said that he was threatened by the schoolmates to not reveal the incident to anyone or his sister, who studies in the same school, would have to suffer.

As per the complainant, he got into a fight with his classmate on March 13 and was assaulted by the accused on March 18. The victim did not tell anyone about the incident at first as he feared reprisal. On March 20, he complained of stomach ache and was taken to nearby doctor. However, the victim's situation did not improve and he had to be rushed to a hospital on March 28 and had to undergo an operation.

The doctors at the hospital informed the family that the child had probably been the victim of some untoward incident. When the boy gained consciousness on April 2, he narrated the whole ordeal to his family, following which a police complaint was filed.

“The student told about the incident of beating and insertion of a wooden stick in his posterior by one of his classmates. He was also threatened for not disclosing the incident to anyone,” the FIR read.

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Class 8 boy thrashed, stick inserted into genitals by schoolmate in Delhi

The alleged juvenile offender was swiftly apprehended and produced before the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB).

Source: India Today

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