Fiery! Deepika Padukone 'Project K' First Look Revealed

Nag Ashwin dropped the first look of Deepika Padukone from the highly-anticipated Project K.
Fiery! Deepika Padukone 'Project K' First Look Revealed
Graphic by Shatakshi Sarvesh | Jaano Junction

Hold your hats, folks, because Deepika Padukone is all set to rock the Telugu industry like a boss in her debut alongside the sensational Prabhas! The makers of Project K dropped the first look, and it's so fierce that even fire-breathing dragons might want to take some notes!

In the stunning poster, Deepika is sporting a cloak that would make even Little Red Riding Hood jealous! But this ain't no fairytale, folks! With eyes that could pierce through steel, our leading lady is staring at something in the distance, and we're all dying to know what that is!

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Fiery! Deepika Padukone 'Project K' First Look Revealed

Vyjayanthi Movies, the mastermind behind this cinematic rollercoaster, captioned the poster with an enigmatic message: "A hope comes to light, for a better tomorrow." Oooh, sounds intriguing! We're already excited about what surprises they have in store for us.

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Fiery! Deepika Padukone 'Project K' First Look Revealed

But wait, there's more! Set your calendars, because the first glimpse is set to drop on July 20 (USA)/July 21 (IST)! Clear your schedules, cancel your appointments, and tell your friends you'll be busy fangirling/fanboying over Deepika Padukone's kickass role in Project K!

Now, folks, let's address the elephant in the room. Some fans were eagerly waiting to get a better look at Deepika's costume, expecting a jaw-dropping reveal. But hey, let's give the makers a chance! Maybe they're just building up the excitement for the grand reveal at the San Diego Comic Con! They know how to keep us on the edge of our seats!

“In her eyes, I see a saviour, a little bit of fear overcome by her resillience. Deepika and her eyes is a journey that never ends," a fan tweeted. “Love this look . So Raw n natural. #DeepikaPadukone," a second user added. “It’s terrific 👏 They should have show us more than her face but regardless, it’s beautiful. Deepika is a Queen," a third user said.

“Look means.. I thought it was full photo.. What is this, you released the passport-size photo?" asked another. Is this first look ?? Just a face .. we were waiting for poster design, costumes etc.. but this 😂😂😂," another social media user said. “Why uploading when everyone is sleeping?" another comment read.

And oh my stars, the star power in this flick is off the charts! It's like they collected all the brightest gems in Bollywood and Tollywood and put them in one glittering crown! Amitabh Bachchan, Kamal Haasan, and Disha Patani are joining Prabhas and Deepika in this blockbuster extravaganza!

Directed by the mastermind Nag Ashwin, Project K is shaping up to be THE movie event of the year! So, get your popcorn ready, folks, and get ready to witness a cinematic spectacle like no other!

Time to mark those calendars and unleash your inner comic connoisseur because Project K is about to blow our minds, and we can't wait to be thrilled, enchanted, and entertained beyond our wildest dreams! The countdown to awesomeness begins!

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