TALKTIME ft. Kaushal Kishore | Apoorw | Jaano Junction

Jaano junction's Apoorw in an exclusive conversation with famed Bollywood lyricist Kaushal Kishore in the 1st episode of TALKTIME.

It was destined that our first podcast would be with a person who is an exquisite human being and a master of words, Kaushal Kishore. We talked life and more about how people around affect you in good and bad ways. This is a story of how a boy from a small village turns into a mainstream Bollywood lyricist. How did KAUSHAL KISHORE and VISHAL MISHRA become an unbeatable combination? What went behind “Chhathi Maiya Bulaaye”? What’s his relationship status? Diving deep into his devotion towards Shri Ram and a lot more in this episode.

Hosted by Apoorw

Produced by Kshitij Choudhary

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