Why K-POP is popular in India? And why it’s still rising?

Rise of K-pop industries in India: South Korea media rules all over the OTT platform in India
Why K-POP is popular in India? And why it’s still rising?
Graphic by Shatakshi Sarvesh

Over the past ten years, India’s K-pop culture has grown greatly. Bollywood and traditional Indian music continue to rule the Indian music image, but K-pop has managed to establish an area of interest and develop a loyal fan base.

One of the main factors promoting K-pop’s development as a whole is the large number of social networks and the internet in India. With the help of websites like YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, Indian fans can easily get K-pop music videos, live performances, and updates from their favourite K-pop celebrities nowadays. As a result, K-pop has been able attract a worldwide audience, including those in India.

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Why K-POP is popular in India? And why it’s still rising?

Catchy Music and Choreography: K-pop has gained popularity for its energetic performances, catchy music, and coordinated choreography. Fans in India have become attracted by the bright and colourful and eye-catching music videos of K-pop groups.

Sometimes, the choreography that catches interest isn’t the most difficult. But it offers the song an important touch. The twirling and ‘stepping into formation’ moments during the final section of voice are simply amazing, for not having a better description. They offer the track the appropriate amount of strange chicness.

Matthew Murphy And Evan Zimmerman /KPOP

Social Media & Online Fandoms: Through the use of social media platforms, Indian K-pop fans continually communicate with their favourite stars as well as other members. To support and promote K-pop, they set up fan accounts, connect with fan communities, and organise events. This online engagement has been extremely helpful in increasing K-pop’s popularity in India. Many social network like Weverse, VLive, Twitter, Instagram, K-pop fans created huge amount of fan pages and connect with their world wide fan base.

K-dramas And Variety Programmes: Korean dramas (K-dramas) and variety programmes are increasing in popularity in India together with music. These kinds of programmes displayed Korean culture, especially K-pop music, to Indian audiences and helped spark interest in K-pop across a wider audience. Nowadays, K-dramas have become the main source of bringing K-pop culture across Indian audiences. Popular K-Dramas in India are All of Us Are Dead (2022), Crash Landing on You (2019), My Name (2021), Start-Up (2020), It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (2020), and the list goes on.

Concerts and Fan Meetings: K-pop artists and groups have started visiting to India for concerts and fan meetings, offering fans the chance of seeing their favourite artists perform live and interact with them. These events have played a crucial role in promoting the K-pop culture.

Kang Daniel along with his dancers from the dance crew, “We Dem Boyz” performing at Siri Fort auditorium in New Delhi on 27 November 2022
Kang Daniel along with his dancers from the dance crew, “We Dem Boyz” performing at Siri Fort auditorium in New Delhi on 27 November 2022 Photo: Twitter

Collaborations with Bollywood Celebrities: In recent years, K-pop artists have collaborated up with Bollywood stars. These collaborations have been helpful in connecting the distance among the two industries and boosting K-pop’s popularity in India. Recently, Anushka Sen collaborated with Asian media of Korean Industries for her new upcoming project.

Anushka Sen from her Korea trip.

All these characteristics have contributed to K-pop gain a loyal fan base in India, where fans usually organise fan events and fan art. K-pop dance studios and fan clubs have opened in many of Indian cities as a result of K-pop’s popularity.

Compared to the mainstream Indian music industry, it’s important to remember that K-pop is still a fringe genre in India. The vast majority of Indian music is still produced by Bollywood and other local music companies. However, K-pop culture has developed greatly in India and continues to have an important effect on India’s fans.

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