Terror threat to T20 World Cup from Pakistan, hosts West Indies assure safety

With less than a month to go till the T20 World Cup, the ICC competition has hit a stumbling block, with rumours of terror attacks threatening to disrupt the event in West Indies.
Terror threat to T20 World Cup from Pakistan, hosts West Indies assure safety
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The West Indies, co-hosts of the T20 World Cup, have reportedly received a terror threat from North Pakistan. However, West Indies (CWI), informed the public that all safety precautions have been taken. According to a reliable source familiar with the situation, the Caribbean islands have been alerted to potential terror risks originating from North Pakistan. The T20 World Cup is scheduled to take place in the West Indies and the US from June 1 to 29. The West Indies will host World Cup matches in Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Guyana, Saint Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, and Trinidad and Tobago. There are also matches in the US cities of Florida, New York, and Texas, although there is no sign of a threat to the games in the United States. The two semifinals will take place in Trinidad and Guyana, with the final scheduled for Barbados.

"We are closely monitoring the situation and maintaining close communication with relevant authorities," stated the source. "Continuous evaluation of security measures is underway to ensure appropriate plans are in place to mitigate any identified risks." The threat has been attributed to IS Khorasan, adding to the gravity of the situation. The 'Daily Express' quoted Trinidad Prime Minister Keith Rowley as saying that security services had procedures in place to deal with any threats to matches. According to the article, "the Barbados regional security officials are monitoring potential threats to the ICC event" as well as that "intelligence of a potential threat to the World Cup has been received through Pro-Islamic State (Daesh) through the media group 'Nashir Pakistan'."


A pivotal question looms over India's potential involvement in the forthcoming Champions Trophy, set to take place in Pakistan in 2025. Given the heightened security concerns stemming from the northern regions of Pakistan, there arises uncertainty regarding India's willingness to travel to the host nation. Reports indicate that the threat extends even to the T20 World Cup. In response, the ICC is slated to convene for its Annual General Meeting in July, hosted in Sri Lanka this year. Among the agenda items, deliberations will center on the feasibility of holding the Champions Trophy in Pakistan or relocating it to a neutral venue, with paramount consideration for the safety and security of players.

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Terror threat to T20 World Cup from Pakistan, hosts West Indies assure safety

Recently, PCB officials convened with ICC's General Manager, Wasim Khan, to deliberate on the scheduling nuances of the Champions Trophy, particularly concerning India's fixtures. As per the proposed itinerary drafted by PCB, all of India's matches are slated to unfold in Lahore. The rationale behind this concentrated venue allocation is to streamline security measures and logistical arrangements, thereby mitigating potential challenges.

Source: India Today

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