Former tennis star Camila Giorgi accused of stealing, not paying rent by landlord

Italy's Camila Giorgi, who retired from professional tennis earlier in May, has been accused of defaulting on rent and stealing antiques by his landlord.
Former tennis star Camila Giorgi accused of stealing, not paying rent by landlord
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Former Italian tennis star Camila Giorgi has been accused of stealing antiques and defaulting on rent of 6 months before fleeing to the United States of America (USA). Her date of retirement is officially listed as May 7, 2024 after the International Tennis Integrity Agency registered her name in the list of retired players. Last week, she dropped a post on her Instagram story, making a public comment on her retirement.

Before leaving her home country, Camila stayed in a rented property in Calenzano, Tuscany. It has been reported that Giorgi fled to the USA after Italy’s financial police wanted her for questioning. As per the investigations conducted by Florence Prosecutor’s Office, Giorgi and her family also have “gaps” in unsubmitted tax returns.

“They made half of our furniture disappear. Persian rugs, fine furniture, even an antique half-ton table. We are talking about damage between 50 and 100 thousand euros,” the landlord told La Repubblica, an Italian news outlet.

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Former tennis star Camila Giorgi accused of stealing, not paying rent by landlord

Along with Camila, her mother Claudia, father Sergio and her brothers Amadeus and Leandro also reportedly departed for the USA. The landlord also claimed to have been in touch with Camila’s father.

“I wrote to him that they must at least give us back our things, he responded in a contemptuous way, saying that they were objects of little value. A hateful behaviour, for those like me who have suffered economic but also emotional damage,” he said.

“I can’t know how much is true or how much Camila owes the State, but I know what he owes us. Those objects are part of my mother’s life and mine: I want them back, at least this much, given that we have lost hope due to the thousands and thousands of euros in back rent,” the landlord added.

Camila last played professional tennis back in March 2024 when she lost to World No.1 Iga Swiatek, who recently won the Italian Open and Madrid Open, in the quarterfinal of the Miami Open. Back in October 2018, she achieved her career-best ranking of No.26 after running the legendary Serena Williams close in a thrilling quarterfinal of Wimbledon that year. She won four titles in her career, in Merida (2023), Montreal (2021), Linz (2018) and s-Hertogenbosch (2015).

Source: India Today

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