Sculptures of 'Lord Vishnu', 'Hanuman' found in Gyanvapi complex: Survey report

The Archaeological Survey of India's report on the Gyanvapi complex has said that several artefacts related to Lord Hanuman and Lord Vishnu were unearthed during the survey.
Sculptures of 'Lord Vishnu', 'Hanuman' found in Gyanvapi complex: Survey report
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The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) report on the Gyanvapi complex has brought to the fore artefacts that point to the presence and veneration of deities such as Lord Vishnu and Lord Hanuman at the site.

Once thought to be a site devoted to Lord Shiva, the artefacts unearthed by ASI indicate the worship of Lord Vishnu and Lord Hanuman as well. The excavation uncovered various revered deities within the temple complex, indicating a rich blend of cultures that flourished there.

Among the significant finds is the lower half of a sculpture of Hanuman, with one leg placed on a rock, indicative of the deity's iconic posture.

Additionally, an Early Medieval sculpture fragment depicts a half-human, half-snake figure, possibly representing an attendant of Lord Vishnu's Varaha avatar.

Further discoveries include a broken back-slab of a four-handed Vishnu seated in a traditional posture, holding a chakra and shankha. Although damaged, the deity's regal adornment is still discernible.

Another Late Medieval sculpture captures the lower part of Hanuman's image, with feet firmly set, one upon a rock.

Two more sculptures of Vishnu from the Early Medieval period were found, one depicting the deity standing on a pedestal with three of his four hands and face badly damaged. The other shows a devotee and an attendant by Vishnu's side, illustrating the deity's importance to his followers.

Lastly, a Late Medieval sculpture portrays the upper half of Hanuman, with one hand gripping a 'gada'.

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Sculptures of 'Lord Vishnu', 'Hanuman' found in Gyanvapi complex: Survey report

Although the figure is broken at the waist, the deity's high crown remains intact, signifying his revered status.

Source: India Today

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