Apple laid off over 600 employees after shutting down its car, microLED Apple Watch projects

Apple has officially confirmed the layoff of more than 600 employees following the shutdown of its car and MicroLED Apple Watch projects. The tech giant is now redirecting its focus towards generative AI projects.
Apple laid off over 600 employees after shutting down its car, microLED Apple Watch projects
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In February this year, it was reported that Apple was shutting down its car project, something that was in the works since 2014. It was also reported that Apple employees working in the team were either shifted to a new role, or were laid off. And a couple of days later, Apple also scrapped the idea of Apple Watch Ultra with MicroLED display, thus laying off many employees again. However, there was no official confirmation from the company regarding these layoffs until now. As per a report by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple has now confirmed that it laid off more than 600 employees as a result of shutting down its car and MicroLED Apple Watch projects.

Apple confirms layoffs

The report also added that 371 employees were laid off from Apple's primary car-related office in Santa Clara, with "dozens of other employees at multiple satellite offices being impacted." Despite these developments, Apple has not disclosed further details about the job cuts.

It's important to note that the WARN notices only provide a partial view of the overall job reductions, as many engineers from these projects were situated in different locations, including Arizona.

Apple's focus on generative AI

Meanwhile, Apple is focusing more on generative AI projects and is expected to make some exciting announcements soon. The company's annual event, WWDC, will be happening on June 14 this year and many AI-related announcements are expected to be a part of the event.

The Apple boss said, as per a 9 to 5 mac report, that there was "work going on" when it comes to generative AI. In addition to this, Apple has also been hiring for generative AI roles and has posted various job listings in the field. Reports had also surfaced that the company plans on spending over USD 1 billion every year to make generative AI products and features.

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Apple laid off over 600 employees after shutting down its car, microLED Apple Watch projects

As part of the acquisition, Alexander Wong, an AI researcher who played a role in DarwinAI's development, joined Apple as a director in its AI group. Dozens of Darwin AI’s employees also became a part of Apple’s AI division.

Source: India Today

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