“The Central Government fails to provide good education system to youth” - AAP Leader Raghav Chadha

The Parliament session has been heated up with the arguments of misconduct in the competitive exams by the central government.
“The Central Government fails to provide good education system to youth” - AAP Leader Raghav Chadha
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In the Parliament session of Tuesday, AAP Leader Raghav Chadha expressed his disappointment towards the failure of the central government in conducting the competitive exams on national level, threatening the future of 35 lakh students appearing in these exams, especially drawing the attention of parliament members on the scam of NEET and UGC NET exams. 

Majority of Opposition Leaders are trying to intensify the discussion of the paper leak in the parliament session, Raghav Chaddha explained that due to the failure of the National Testing Agency (NTA) in conducting the exams, the government is putting the future of students at stake. He even addressed the paper leak case as the second IPL of the country, he explained that in the year 2024 our country has witnessed two IPLs. First, it is the game of ball and bat that is our Indian Premier League and he termen the second IPL as the ‘Indian Paper Leak’, which has threatened the future of 35 lakh students participating in the competitive exams, and the government is playing with the future of students. 

Raghav Chadha, said that the central government has failed to provide a good education system to the youth of our country for 10 years. Instead of securing the future of the students, the government is playing a role of ruining the future of youth.

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“The Central Government fails to provide good education system to youth” - AAP Leader Raghav Chadha

The Opposition leader, highlighted all the competitive exams names which has been misconducted by the central government, such as “Vyapam scam, UGC Net, Telangana Secondary School Certificate Hindi Exam, Assam HSC LC General Science, Uttar Pradesh Lekhpal Recruitment, Rajasthan Forest Guard, Bihar PCS, SSG CGL, UP TET, NEET, Bihar Board 10th class exam, etc” the government fails to provide a good and healthy education system to our youth. 

He addressed the parliament on behalf of 35 lakh children who have been betrayed by the education system, due to the paper leak of NEET and UGC-NET exams. The children have high hopes from the parliament and Judiciary and believe that their voices will be heard and the decision will be in the favor of 35 lakh students and their families. 

Aam Aadmi Party leader, Raghav Chadha even compared the education system of Delhi government with the Central government, he said that the Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal, provided a world-class government school for the students so that they can pursue education, with all kinds of facilities. On the other hand, if we talk about the education system pattern of the central government then they are unable to conduct a fair exam on national level, harming the future of millions of aspirants. 

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