Swati Maliwal on alleged assault day video: 'Shared without context'

AAP MP Swati Maliwal has reacted to a video from the day of her alleged assault inside Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's house. Taking to X, she accused a "political hitman" and said the video was shared "without context".
Swati Maliwal on alleged assault day video: 'Shared without context'
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AAP MP Swati Maliwal has reacted to a video that has emerged from the day of her alleged assault inside the residence of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. In the video, she could be heard arguing with the security personnel at the Chief Minister's house, who asked her to leave the premises. Taking to X, Maliwal said that the video was shared "without any context" by the people of "political hitman" to save himself. Maliwal, however, didn't name anyone in her tweet.

"Like every time, this time also this political hitman has started efforts to save himself. By getting his people to tweet and playing videos without any context, he thinks he can save himself by committing this crime. Who makes a video of someone being beaten up? The truth will be revealed to everyone as soon as the CCTV footage of the house and the room is checked. Fall to whatever level you can, God is watching everything. One day everyone's truth will come out in front of the world," Maliwal's tweet, roughly translated from Hindi, read.

The video shows Swati Maliwal in an argument with several security staff in Arvind Kejriwal's residence. The men asked the AAP MP to leave, but she vehemently protested, saying that she would speak with the police officers. At one point during the argument, she could be heard using the term 'ganja' (bald), which enrages the security staff.

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Swati Maliwal on alleged assault day video: 'Shared without context'

"I will not, I will not. I will do it. I will tell everyone about this," Swati Maliwal tells the security staff.

She then says that she will speak to the senior police officers right there and won't leave till then.

"Fine, but for now you leave," one of the security staff tells her in Hindi.

"No, whatever will need to happen, will happen here now. You do whatever you want to do. And I will take away your job too if you touch me," Maliwal is heard in the video.

"We're humbly requesting you," the security staff replies.

"I have dialled up 112. Let the police come, then I will talk," Swati Maliwal says.

"But they (the police) won't come inside, right?" the staff replies. To this, the AAP MP says that now the police will enter the residence.

"We are only requesting. You are a well-educated person. We won't be throwing you out," the staff says to her.

Then, Swati Maliwal is heard saying, "Yeh ganja sala. (This bald person)"

This makes the security personnel fire up, who ask her not to use such a language.

The FIR filed in the case revealed disturbing details of the abuse and the chain of events that unfolded at Arvind Kejriwal's residence on May 13. According to the FIR, the AAP MP alleged that Bibhav Kumar, Kejriwal's aide and personal assistant, slapped her 7-8 times and repeatedly kicked her in her stomach and pelvis.

The former Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) alleged that she eventually managed to free herself and called the police. Maliwal claimed Bibhav Kumar threatened her, saying he "shall see to it" and he would "bury her". The AAP MP alleged Kumar then left the room and came back with security staff working at the main gate of the Delhi Chief Minister's residence. She was then asked to leave the premises.

Source: India Today

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