Sheena Bora murder: Skeletal remains recovered by cops not traceable, court told

The bones from remains of a body that the CBI had claimed belonged to victim Sheena Bora and had been recovered by the Pen police in 2012 when she was allegedly killed, are not traceable.
Sheena Bora murder: Skeletal remains recovered by cops not traceable, court told
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A key piece of evidence in the high-profile Sheena Bora murder trial has seemingly gone missing. The prosecution told the court that bones, which the CBI claims to be Sheena Bora's remains, are reportedly untraceable.

The missing evidence consists of skeletal remains recovered by Pen police in 2012, the year Sheena Bora was allegedly murdered. Public Prosecutor CJ Nandode informed the special CBI court in Mumbai that the bones, crucial for forensic analysis, could not be located despite a thorough search.

The development comes during the testimony of Dr Zeba Khan, a forensic expert from JJ Hospital who initially examined the bones in 2012 and confirmed they were human remains. Dr Khan's examination was crucial to establishing the prosecution's narrative.

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Sheena Bora murder: Skeletal remains recovered by cops not traceable, court told

The prosecution had earlier requested additional time to locate the bones, which defence lawyers did not oppose. However, after failing to find them, the prosecution is reportedly prepared to proceed with Dr Khan's testimony without presenting the bones as evidence. This move, likely to weaken the prosecution's case, was met with no objection from the defence.

The CBI alleges that Sheena Bora was strangled by her mother, Indrani Mukerjea, her ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna, and driver Shyamwar Rai in 2012. The body was then allegedly transported to Pen village and burned.

The remains recovered by Pen police in 2012 were sent to JJ Hospital for examination. The case remained unsolved until 2015 when Rai's arrest led to the revelation of the alleged murder.

Khar police subsequently recovered additional remains from the disposal site in 2015. These remains were sent to AIIMS, Delhi for further examination to confirm if they belonged to the same person as the remains found in 2012 and to determine gender, age, and cause of death.

The CBI maintains that both sets of remains belong to Sheena Bora. However, Indrani Mukerjea's lawyer, Ranjeet Sangle, disputes this claim, arguing that the remains from 2012 and 2015 are not from the same person.

Source: India Today

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