Shankaracharya Reacts Over Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Hindus Are Violent’ Remark In Lok Sabha Session

Swami Avimukteshwarananda claimed in a viral video that Rahul Gandhi did not say anything against the Hindu religion.
Shankaracharya Reacts Over Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Hindus Are Violent’ Remark In Lok Sabha Session
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Swami Avimukteshwarananda, who is the 46th Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math in Uttarakhand, reacts to the statements of Rahul Gandhi that he made in Parliament about the Hindu religion. Shankaracharya supported Rahul Gandhi and expressed his opinion that Gandhi did not harm the reputation of Hindu religion and community; however, it has been misinterpreted by organizations and the public. 

Rahul Gandhi, during his address in the Parliament session, accused the ruling party and leaders of dividing our nation and people on the basis of community and religion. He explained that all religions teach us to be brave and courageous. He even highlighted the importance of fearlessness in all religions; this statement sparked discussion in the Parliament session. Reacting to this, PM Modi said that Rahul Gandhi is disrespecting the whole Hindu community and presumed the entire Hindu people are violent. 

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Shankaracharya Reacts Over Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Hindus Are Violent’ Remark In Lok Sabha Session

In reply to this, Rahul Gandhi said, “Narendra Modi ji is not the entire Hindu community; the BJP is not the entire Hindu community; the RSS is not the entire Hindu community.” This parliament session resulted in a heated argument among the citizens, as people started blaming Gandhi for disrespecting the Hindu community and the Hindu Lord. 

Now, in a viral video, Swami Avimukteshwarananda claimed that Rahul Gandhi did not speak anything against the Hindu community. He said, “We heard Rahul Gandhi's entire speech. He is clearly saying that there is no place for violence in Hinduism.” “I saw his entire video and found out that he had not said anything wrong,” he explained his perspective to a journalist asking about the Parliamentary remarks of Rahul Gandhi. 

The Shankaracharya also said, “Spreading half-truths by editing speeches is a crime, and such people should be punished, whether they are from a newspaper or a channel. Later, Rahul Gandhi clarified that his statement was directed at the party led by the Center, alleging that they are promoting violence under the guise of religion.” He pointed out the mistake of newspapers or channels that are promoting edited clips of the speeches of Rahul Gandhi, which show only half-truths. He listened to a complete speech, and Rahul Gandhi did not mention anything against the community or people. It has been misled by the organization that is using the clips against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. 

Priyanka Gandhi, sister of Rahul Gandhi and Congress MP, also expressed that her brother can never speak anything against the Hindu religion: “My brother can never speak against Hindus. He has spoken about the BJP and BJP leaders.” 

The remarks of Rahul Gandhi have sparked many controversies and debates over the issue in the Lok Sabha, which led to a heated argument session between the government and opposition parties. 

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