Pune teen, who killed 2 with Porsche, submits 300-word essay on road safety

The minor driver of the Pune car crash that killed two techies submitted a 300-word essay on road safety, complying with his bail conditions.
Pune teen, who killed 2 with Porsche, submits 300-word essay on road safety
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The 17-year-old boy involved in the fatal Pune Porsche crash that killed two techies has submitted a 300-word essay on road safety to the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB), complying with his bail conditions, an official said on Friday.

He submitted the essay to the JJB on Wednesday, the official said news agency PTI.

The teenager was previously released from an observation home after the Bombay High Court ruled his detention illegal. Initially, following the May 19 accident in Kalyani Nagar, the JJB ordered him into the care of his parents and assigned the essay as part of his bail.

Police allege the teen was driving a Porsche under the influence of alcohol when he collided with a two-wheeler, resulting in the deaths of the two software engineers. Public outcry erupted over his seemingly lenient bail terms, prompting the police to request a revision from the JJB. The board then sent him to an observation home on May 22.

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Pune teen, who killed 2 with Porsche, submits 300-word essay on road safety

However, the High Court ultimately deemed his detainment unlawful and emphasised the proper enforcement of juvenile justice laws, leading to his release.

Meanwhile, on July 2, a Pune court granted bail to the father and grandfather of the juvenile, who were accused of kidnapping and wrongfully confining their family driver and forcing him to take responsibility for the crash.

The boy's father, Vishal Agarwal, a prominent builder, and his grandfather were arrested in May and have been under judicial custody since then. Since Agarwal was arrested in a separate cheating case, he remains behind bars, but the grandfather was released.

According to police, the teen's father and grandfather allegedly kidnapped their family driver hours after the crash, wrongfully confined him at their bungalow, and tried to force him to admit that he, and not the juvenile, was behind the wheel when the accident took place.

Following the accident, there were multiple attempts to cover up the incident to save the minor boy, including swapping his blood samples at the hospital where he was brought for a sobriety check. The accident and the subsequent interference by his influential family led to a massive uproar across the country, with people calling for justice for the victims.

Source: India Today

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