PM Modi ahead of Parliament session: Consensus important to run country

In his first remarks ahead of the commencement of the new Parliament session, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for consensus for making decisions and urged the Opposition to play its role during the session without causing disruptions.
PM Modi ahead of Parliament session: Consensus important to run country
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday advocated the need for consensus while making decisions for the welfare of the country, saying it is of "utmost importance" in his remarks ahead of the first session of the 18th Lok Sabha. His remarks assume significance as the NDA government won a third straight term but with a reduced mandate, with the BJP itself falling short of the majority mark for the first time in a decade.

In his customary address before the Parliament session commenced, PM Modi said his government would fulfill the aspirations of the people with the help of consensus among his allies.

"In the last 10 years, we have always tried to implement a tradition because we believe that a majority is required to run the government but to run the country a consensus is of utmost importance. So, it will be our constant efforts to serve Maa Bharti and fulfill the aspirations and ambitions of the 140 crore people, with everyone's consent and by taking everyone together," he said.

"We want to go ahead and speed up decisions by taking everyone together, by maintaining the sanctity of the Constitution," he added.

In the 18th Lok Sabha, the NDA has 293 members with the BJP having 240, 32 short of a majority. The Opposition INDIA bloc has 234 members with the Congress accounting for 99.

During his address, PM Modi called on the Opposition members to maintain the dignity of democracy by not disrupting the session's proceedings. He said the people did not want drama or slogans being raised in the House, but substance.

"The people of the country expect good steps from the Opposition. I hope that the Opposition will live up to the expectations of the common citizens of the country to maintain the dignity of democracy. People do not want drama or disturbance. People want substance, not slogans," he said.

"The country needs a good Opposition, a responsible opposition and I have full faith that the MPs who have won in this 18th Lok Sabha will try to fulfill these expectations of the common man," he said.

The Prime Minister also invoked Emergency, a day ahead of its 50th anniversary, saying it was a "blot" on India's democracy "when the Constitution was discarded".

"Tomorrow is June 25, which marks 50 years of the blot that was put on the democracy of India. The new generation of India will never forget that the Constitution of India was completely rejected, every part of the Constitution was torn to pieces, the country was turned into a prison and democracy was completely suppressed," he said.

"While protecting our Constitution, while protecting the democracy of India and the democratic traditions, the countrymen will take a resolution that no one will dare to do such a thing in India again which was done 50 years ago. We will take a resolution of a vibrant democracy. We will take a resolution to fulfil the dreams of the common people as per the directions of the Constitution of India," he added.


The Parliament session, the first since the Lok Sabha elections, saw newly elected MPs, including PM Modi taking oath. This will be followed by the election of the Lok Sabha Speaker on June 26 and President Droupadi Murmu's address to a joint sitting of both Houses on June 27.

The Opposition, buoyed by its increased numbers, is expected to be combative, focusing on issues such as alleged irregularities in the NEET-UG and NET exams, the relocation of statues within the Parliament complex, and the government's decision to appoint seven-term BJP MP Bhartruhari Mahtab as the pro tem Speaker.

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PM Modi ahead of Parliament session: Consensus important to run country

The 264th Session of the Rajya Sabha will also begin on June 27, and the joint session will conclude on July 3, resuming for the monsoon sitting on July 22.

Source: India Today

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