Opposition Leader Rahul Gandhi Says His “Statements Expunged”, Backs His Remarks, Blames PM For Fostering Division

Rahul Gandhi expresses his opinion to the ruling government that they are expunging over a normal conversation and promoting hate in the general public.
Opposition Leader Rahul Gandhi Says His “Statements Expunged”, Backs His Remarks, Blames PM For Fostering Division
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On Monday, the Lok Sabha organized a Parliament session with all the members, in which the opposition leader Rahul Gandhi expressed disappointment and slammed BJP for dividing citizens on the basis of community and religion, in which some of his statements during the session has been expunged and people are coming in against of Gandhi that he disrespected the Hindu community.

Regarding his statement in yesterday's Parliament session, on Tuesday, he told reporters outside parliament that, “In Modi ji’s world, truth can be expunged. But in reality, the truth can’t be expunged. I said what I had to say, that is the truth. They can expunge as much as they want. Truth is truth”, the statement clearly speaks that Rahul Gandhi is supporting his statement and blaming the government and PM for dragging the statement in against the opposition. 

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Opposition Leader Rahul Gandhi Says His “Statements Expunged”, Backs His Remarks, Blames PM For Fostering Division

During his address in the Parliament session he accused the government for dividing the people on the basis of community and promoting hatred among citizens, this statement made him face many criticism from the parliament members and PM Modi blamed him for addressing the Hindu community violently. 

Gandhi quoted Prophet Muhammad to explain that the Quran talks about courage and bravery. He took pictures of Lord Shiva, Guru Nanak, and Jesus, and referred to diverse communities in India, that is:- Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Jainism, in which he highlighted the importance of fearlessness, he stated that all the religion and idols has stated that, “daro mat, darao mat”.  

Opposition leader Gandhi had a long speech in yesterday parliament session as it was a 1 hour 40 minutes long speech, he included the fact that BJP is treating the minorities unfairly, he also mentioned Adani and Ambani getting support from the government, he even mentioned about the NEET exam scam that now these competitive exams belong to only the rich people and there is no place for talented students, and in the last he highlighted Agniveer Scheme is of the Prime Minister’s Office. 

Rahul said, “It is not just one religion that talks about courage. In fact, all our religions talk about courage.” The other parliament members came out against the motion and started disrespecting Gandhi, in which he said that, “Aap Hindu ho hi nahi”. He explained that it is clearly written in Hinduism that once should support the truth and not be scared of it. In the heat of arguments and debate, PM Modi interrupted and said, “This issue is very serious. Calling the entire Hindu community violent is a serious issue.” 

In his concluding remarks, the Opposition leader Rahul Gandhi requested the government not to spread fear or hatred among the citizens. These all remarks made people discuss the issue raised by Rahul Gandhi and even his remarks specifically on the Hindu community, has gained more highlight and people are coming out in against the opposition as they have disrespected the Hindu religion. 

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