Indian-origin data scientist in Canada fired for raiding food banks

An Indian-origin data scientist lost his job with TD Bank in Canada after online outrage over his video in which he revealed how he exploited food banks meant for students facing financial difficulties. People pointed out that a person on 98,000 Canadian dollar salary didn't need food bank support.
Indian-origin data scientist in Canada fired for raiding food banks
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An Indian-origin data scientist working at TD Bank in Canada was fired after he shared a video detailing how he obtained "free food" from food banks meant for students. He had boasted in the video that he saved "hundreds of bucks" every month by exploiting the food banks.

The man, identified as Mehul Prajapati, was employed by TD Bank. It took action after people criticised him on social media.

In a video shared on social media, Prajapati explained how he got free groceries from food banks on college and university campuses.

Food banks in Canada are run by charities and provide essential food items to people in need. They are typically used by low-income families or students facing financial difficulties.

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Indian-origin data scientist in Canada fired for raiding food banks

Prajapati claimed in the video that he saved "hundreds of bucks" each month on groceries by using the food banks.

In the video, the Indian-origin man even showed off a week's worth of food, which included fruits, vegetables, bread, and canned goods, he obtained from food banks.

The video was originally posted on Instagram. The video caught people's attention after an X user shared it on the microblogging platform and criticised Prajapati.

The Instagram account that originally shared the video has been deleted.

The video quickly went viral and was met with harsh criticism.

Many people online pointed out that Prajapati's salary, reportedly around 98,000 Canadian dollars per year, meant he did not need to rely on food banks intended for struggling students.

"This guy [Mehul Prajapati] has a job as a bank data scientist for @TD_Canada, a position that averages $98,000 per year, and proudly uploaded this video showing how much “free food” he gets from charity food banks. You don’t hate them enough," one user posted on X.

Prajapati faced massive backlash on social media over his video.

"Food banks are often walk in. I used to regularly volunteer at my local food bank. People just come in and take what they need when the bank is open. Up until now, shame has been a guardrail for abuse. People won’t come and stand in line unless they genuinely need the help. But some people don’t have any shame," a user took to X.

Another user expressed outrage and wrote, "Imagine stealing from a charity meant for those in desperate need."

The legality of the situation was also brought into question.

A third user questioned, "Isn't this some form of felony?? Surely it shouldn't be legal to access food assistance if you are proven to be paid enough to feed yourself?"

"Ah, this is sad. He made a mistake, but what is he going to do now that he's jobless? He probably needs this work for immigration, too. Rather shame someone than shame + unnecessary job loss," one user expressed sympathy towards Prajapati.

Another supporter pointed out the larger issue of food waste, arguing, "Just because you know what his job is/what his LinkedIn says, doesn't mean you know his personal situation. Also, there is enough food to go round -- just look at how much is wasted every day. A fraction of a restaurant's waste covers this take tenfold."

Source: India Today

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