Dolly Chaiwala is in the Maldives and the internet is doing a double take

Dolly Chaiwala of Nagpur is in the Maldives and an X post with his photos has gone viral.
Dolly Chaiwala is in the Maldives and the internet is doing a double take
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Nagpur’s Dolly Chaiwala has pulled a ‘guess karo hum kaha hai’ on the internet. And he is in the Maldives! A post showing Dolly Chaiwala posing with some residents of the Maldives has gone viral and obviously sent social media into frenzy.

An X user and resident of the Maldives, Shujau Hussain shared photos of Dolly Chaiwala in front of the stunning backdrop of the Maldivian waters, leaving netizens intrigued and befuddled.

The post has already garnered over 70k views and tons of reactions. From congratulating Dolly for his success to enquiring about his luck, people had a lot to say about Dolly Chaiwala.

Quite a buzz was generated around a video featuring Dolly Chaiwala and Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft. This unexpected encounter took place during Gates' visit to India, where he decided to take some time off to enjoy a refreshing cup of chai at Dolly's humble tea stall.

The video, which showcases Gates relishing a steaming hot cup of tea, quickly captured the hearts of millions across the globe, leading to its rapid spread over various social media platforms

What adds to the 'wow factor' of this story is the fact that Dolly herself remained oblivious to the true identity of her esteemed customer while preparing the tea.

Meanwhile, in a notable diplomatic development, Maldives President Mohamed Muizzu has adopted a reconciliatory stance after previously expressing anti-India sentiments. President Muizzu reaffirmed India as the Maldives' "closest ally" and urged New Delhi to provide debt relief to his nation.

Source: India Today

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