Watch: 8-feet long crocodile spotted on Maharashtra street amid heavy rain

An 8-foot-long crocodile was spotted on a road in Maharashtra's Ratnagiri on Sunday night. Locals suspect that the reptile had come from the nearby Shiva River, which homes several such reptiles.
Watch: 8-feet long crocodile spotted on Maharashtra street amid heavy rain

Locals in Maharashtra's Ratnagiri on Sunday spotted an unusual visitor after a crocodile came out of a river and was seen strolling on a rain-swept road.

A video of the incident showed the 8-foot-long reptile roaming around on the road in Ratnagiri's Chiplun area. According to the locals, the Shiva River which flows through the city is the home of several crocodiles, and it is suspected that one of them had come out of the river amidst the heavy rainfall.

According to the news agency PTI, the video was shot by an autorickshaw driver in the Chinchnaka area of Chiplun amid a steady downpour. A few other vehicles are also seen in the video, which shows an autorickshaw trying tail the crocodile with its headlight on.

Earlier, in a similar incident, people in Vadodara spotted a crocodile on the road near the Vishwamitri river as the monsoon arrived in the state.

The 12-foot crocodile had come out of Vadodara's Vishwamitri river, an usual occurrence in the area during the monsoon season. Later, the reptile was captured by the forest officials and released back into the river.

Source: India Today

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