Swiggy to deliver food in shikharas to houseboats in Kashmir’s Dal lake

Swiggy, the Indian food delivery giant, has announced a new service to deliver food to houseboats on Kashmir's Dal Lake using shikharas.
Swiggy to deliver food in shikharas to houseboats in Kashmir’s Dal lake
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Until recently, the idea of getting food delivered to a houseboat seemed unrealistic. How could delivery people reach the houseboats, right? But now, Swiggy is changing that. They have just announced that they will be delivering food to houseboats on Kashmir's Dal Lake. It's a game-changer for anyone craving a meal while enjoying the scenic beauty of the lake. As per the company, the delivery executives will now take the help of Shikharas to deliver food to houseboats. People in Kashmir live on houseboats but they are also used as hotels for the travellers, who find great joy in nestling right in the middle of the lake. Unlike the houseboats in Kerala, the houseboats in Kashmir do not move, they are docked lengthways along the lake.

Dal Lake, a major tourist destination, sees a steady stream of visitors every year. Now, thanks to Swiggy's innovative service, tourists can have a better experience by enjoying local cuisine while watching the stunning views of the lake from a houseboat. This move adds a new dimension to the Srinagar visit, providing visitors with a memorable culinary experience amidst the serene surroundings.

Swiggy has collaborated with Shikara operators who will assist local delivery partners in navigating Shikaras to reach the houseboats. Recognizing the longer delivery times compared to traditional road deliveries, Swiggy ensures fair compensation for the extra effort. This partnership not only benefits tourists but also opens up opportunities for restaurants to expand their reach to unique locations, delivering their delectable dishes directly to customers' doorsteps. It's a win-win situation that adds convenience and flavor to the Dal Lake experience.

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Swiggy to deliver food in shikharas to houseboats in Kashmir’s Dal lake

Talking about the new development, Sidharth Bhakoo, National Head of Business, Swiggy Food, “The Swiggy houseboat delivery is a great example of Swiggy’s mission of offering unparalleled convenience, no matter where the consumer is. Our food delivery by Shikhara initiative exemplifies our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our customers, whether they're exploring the city streets or relaxing on a houseboat."

Source: India Today

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