'Spiderman', 'Spider-woman' arrested for performing bike stunts in Delhi

Two YouTubers were arrested in Delhi for performing dangerous stunts on a bike while dressed as Spiderman and Spider-woman. A video of their reckless act went viral online.
'Spiderman', 'Spider-woman' arrested for performing bike stunts in Delhi
Anjali Raj / Jaano Junction

A man and a woman, dressed as a Spiderman and a Spider-woman, were arrested for performing stunts on a bike in South West Delhi's Dwarka. According to the police, the duo, identified as YouTubers, were arrested for riding the vehicle in violation of several sections of the Motor Vehicles (MV) Act.

The duo garnered attention after they recorded an Instagram reel of themselves riding the bike and shared it online.

Since being posted online, the video has gone viral with over 9 lakh views. People have expressed their concerns after watching the clip.

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'Spiderman', 'Spider-woman' arrested for performing bike stunts in Delhi

Aditya has been charged with relevant sections of the MV Act, including offences like riding without a helmet, operating a vehicle without a licence, and dangerous driving. He was also held accountable for riding a bike without a rearview mirror and a number plate.

Source: India Today

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