Sadhguru recovering after emergency brain surgery

Spiritual leader Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev underwent emergency brain surgery after a "life-threatening health situation" due to multiple bleeding in the brain.
Sadhguru recovering after emergency brain surgery
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Spiritual leader Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev faced a "life-threatening" health emergency and underwent brain surgery, the Isha Foundation announced on Wednesday. The organisation said their 66-year-old leader is recovering, and his health situation is stable.

"Sadhguru has recently undergone a life-threatening medical situation. He is currently recovering well," Isha Foundation said in a statement.

"Sadhguru was suffering from severe headache for the last four weeks....The headache got extremely severe by March 14, 2024 afternoon when he arrived in Delhi. Sadhguru underwent an urgent MRI at 4.30 pm the same day, which revealed a massive bleed in the brain. There was evidence of a chronic bleed that had been ongoing in the last 3-4 weeks as well as fresh bleeding that had developed in the previous 24-48 hours of the examination," the statement said.

However, Sadhguru continued with his schedule despite the worsening situation, Isha Foundation said.

"March 17, 2024, Sadhguru’s neurological status rapidly worsened along with weakness of the left leg and marked worsening of headache with recurrent vomiting. ...He underwent an emergency brain surgery within a few hours of admission to relieve the bleeding in the skull," the statement added.

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Sadhguru recovering after emergency brain surgery

Dr Vinit Suri, who led the surgery, stated that Sadhguru has shown steady progress, and his brain, body, and vital parameters have improved to normal levels.

Source: India Today

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