Noida Police reacts after video of couple drinking from each other's mouth goes viral

A couple in Noida has stirred controversy by filming and sharing a video of themselves spitting water into each other's mouths in a public park.
Noida Police reacts after video of couple drinking from each other's mouth goes viral
Anjali Raj // Jaano Junction

A couple in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, has recently sparked controversy and outrage on social media due to their public display of an intimate act. The pair were filmed at Van Ved Park, engaging in a peculiar act where they drank water and then spat it into each other's mouths. This unusual behaviour was captured on camera and rapidly disseminated across various social media platforms.

The video begins with the woman seated on a park installation, drinking from a water bottle. She is then approached by her partner who presents her with a ring in a romantic gesture. Following this, the woman leans towards the man and sprays the water she had been drinking into his mouth. In response, the man reciprocates by spitting the water back into her mouth.

This incident quickly went viral on social media platform X, drawing the attention of the Deputy Commissioner of Police in Noida. The police have responded by directing the Station Incharge Sector-113 Noida to increase patrolling and checking in the area, and are working with the cyber cell to identify the individuals involved.

Interestingly, this is not the first time such an incident has occurred. A similar event took place on the Delhi Metro, where a couple was filmed engaging in an intimate act where a couple was seen exhanging soft drink from each other's mouth.

Source : India Today

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