Nepali tourist claims Assam mob tore her shirt, mocked by cops, case filed

A woman from Nepal touring Assam has alleged harassment by a group, including a reporter, for dressing like a boy. The woman also claimed the police officers made fun of her when she approached them for lodging a complaint.
Nepali tourist claims Assam mob tore her shirt, mocked by cops, case filed
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A woman from Nepal, who was on a visit to Assam, has alleged she was harassed by a group of seven people, including one woman. In a video posted on her Instagram handle, the woman claimed the mob harassed her because she was dressed up like a boy. The age of the woman was not known.

In the video, the woman said some people dragged her out of a cab on the evening of April 1, while she was in Mariani. She claimed she identified one of the accused as Bobby Choudhary, a reporter by profession.

She also said the woman in the group advised the others to tear her shirt to see if she was a woman.

The woman said she approached the police to register a complaint into the matter. However, she alleged that the police also mocked her and asked her to go to court.

"Also the whole police station was mocking my dress and the accused had good connections with the police and none were taking our side. The accused were given all the hospitality needed whereas the victim had to wait for the accused for three hours and yet no justice was given. I was harassed to such an extent that I was being forced to show that I am a female in front of everyone to prove to them that I’m a girl." (sic).

"I don’t know where my fault is for going through all of this. Did I just go through this torture to exercise my own freedom? All I demand is justice for the act that has occurred so that no such incident ever occurs to another girl in society," (sic)," she further said.

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Nepali tourist claims Assam mob tore her shirt, mocked by cops, case filed

The Assam Police commented on the woman's post and said they had lodged a case and that the Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) of Titabor town was in touch with the complainant.

Source: India Today

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