Mumbai Boy Performs Hula Hoop Spins While Standing on Inverted Earthen Pot, Creates Record

Ridhaan Shah from Mumbai entered the India Book of Records for his extraordinary feat of registering maximum number of hula hoop spins while standing on inverted earthen pot.
Mumbai Boy Performs Hula Hoop Spins While Standing on Inverted Earthen Pot, Creates Record

Ridhaan Shah, a second-grader from Mumbai, has recently achieved a remarkable feat that sets him apart from many kids his age. He emerged as a medalist in a competition held by the India Book of Records in May of this year, showcasing his exceptional abilities. During the event, Ridhaan simultaneously solved a 3 x 3 tiny Rubik’s Cube while skillfully spinning a hula hoop atop an upside-down earthen pot. This incredible display of talent and coordination has earned him a well-deserved place in the record books. In just six and a half minutes, Ridhaan managed to spin a staggering 669 hula hoops.

“We wanted Ridhaan to set a unique record since solving Rubik’s cube and hula hoops had already been accomplished," explained Rimple Shah, Ridhaan’s mother. “There are individuals who have successfully completed over 1000 hula hoops in 10 minutes, which is already a record. In order for Ridhaan to compete with others, we felt the need to elevate the challenge. That’s when we decided to take it up a notch, with Ridhaan standing on an earthen pot," she added.

According to India Book of Records, the seven-year-old can solve 7 different types of Rubik’s Cube - 3×3, 2×2, Pyramix, 4×4, mirror, windmill and Megamix.

“He learnt Hula hoop in his summer vacation on his own and his father started teaching him some Rubik cube. For other’s we have kept a trainer. He is really passionate in what what he does, which is why we decided to apply for India Book of Records,” said Rimple.

Ridhaan has now joined a number of other young people who have achieved fame, such as Devarsh K. Sahin from Kerala, who set a record for solving a 3 x 3 Rubik’s Cube the quickest while moving on roller skates.

Before this young achiever, Garigipati Jhaswik Sriyan held the record for completing 50 jigsaw puzzles in the shortest time, achieving a remarkable feat of 5.02 minutes.

Source: News18

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