He smoked hookah, fanboyed on Moose Wala and 'has no regrets': The man who stabbed teen girlfriend in Delhi

The deceased teen and Sahil were reportedly in a relationship but quarrelled on Sunday.
He smoked hookah, fanboyed on Moose Wala and 'has no regrets': The man who stabbed teen girlfriend in Delhi

The police are calling it a “crime of passion”. In yet another horrific murder, a 16-year-old girl was stabbed more than 20 times and bludgeoned with a cemented slab allegedly by her boyfriend in Outer Delhi’s Shahbad Dairy area, as people passed by without being bothered. The Delhi Police have arrested a 20-year-old, identified as Sahil, from Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahar in connection with the crime.

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He smoked hookah, fanboyed on Moose Wala and 'has no regrets': The man who stabbed teen girlfriend in Delhi

According to the police, the girl was passing by the street on Sunday (28 May) when Sahil intercepted her and stabbed her with a knife repeatedly and then hit her on the head with a stone at least five times in full public view. Police received information that a body was lying on the street in the Shahbad Dairy area.

The deceased teen and Sahil were reportedly in a relationship but quarrelled on Sunday. The girl was to attend a birthday celebration of her friend Neetu’s daughter when the accused attacked her. The assault left her with a ruptured skull, according to the preliminary findings of the post-mortem report.

Neetu told Times Now, “It was my daughter’s birthday and she (the victim) had gone shopping. She bought clothes and said she was going to meet another friend but never came back.”

Sahil switched off his mobile phone seconds after the alleged murder and fled the scene. He then took a bus to Bulandshahr.

The victim had known Sahil was three to four years. The two had prolonged arguments and were reportedly not talking to each other.

The accused is an AC repair mechanic and has an Instagram account under the name of Sahil Khan. The social media account reveals that he liked all things dark and enjoyed alcohol. The description on his profile reads, “love you dark life… daru lover… Yaaron ki yari… sab per Bhari… 5 July… Love you mom”, according to a report by India Today.

The account, which is public, shows the accused smoking hookah, having meals and hanging out with friends. One of the posts on Sahil’s Instagram page shows a group of young men with hookah listening to slain Punjabi singer Sidhu Moose Wala’s hit “Selfmade”.

Sahil and his friends are fans of Punjabi music as is evident from his socials. In several videos, he can be seen singing and grooving. In a story highlight from last year, the 20-year-old is seen paying tribute to the singer – RIP Paaji, he wrote. Another reel posted by Sahil shows him lauding a friend who seems to have been arrested.

The accused has been booked under charges of murder by the Delhi Police and has been sent to two-day custody.

Sahil was hiding in Bulandshahar after the murder. The police said that his phone was switched off but then the accused made a call to his father, which gave away his location. He was then put under technical surveillance.

He fled after the murder and was staying with a relative. He called his father after reaching there, following which the police tracked him down.

“After the incident, the accused Sahil switched off his mobile phone and fled to his aunt’s house in Bulandshahr by bus. However, after reaching there, he called his father and after that, the police arrested him through technical surveillance,” a police officer investigating the case was quoted as saying by the new agency ANI.

During an interrogation with the police, Sahil reportedly said that the girl wanted to break up with him, which left him enraged. She had threatened to go to the police if he did not keep his distance.

Sahil told the police that he suspected she was getting close to a former boyfriend. Police sources told NDTV that he was angry that the girl was ignoring him and that he had no regrets.

He reportedly had planned the murder and had purchased the knife to kill the girl 20 days ago from Haridwar in Uttarakhand.

Meanwhile, the murdered teen’s family has demanded the harshest punishment for the accused. They have said that the girl had nothing to do with Sahil.

The mother demanded that he should be hanged. The father also had similar views. “My daughter was stabbed many times, her head was also bludgeoned into pieces. We demand stringent punishment for the accused,” he said.

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