Haryana Pharma Company Gifts Cars to Employees on Diwali, Honours Them as 'Celebrities'

Read about the heartwarming gesture of a Haryana pharmaceutical company that surprised its employees with brand new Tata Punch cars as Diwali gifts. Watch the viral video of the company's head personally handing over the keys to 12 employees, including an office helper.
Haryana Pharma Company Gifts Cars to Employees on Diwali, Honours Them as 'Celebrities'

In a heartwarming gesture, the head of a pharmaceutical company based in Panchkula, Haryana, surprised his employees with a special Diwali gift – brand new Tata Punch cars. A video showcasing Mr. Bhatia personally handing over the car keys to 12 employees, including an office helper, has gone viral on social media. Speaking with ANI, Mr. Bhatia shared that he was deeply impressed by the dedication and hard work of his staff, whom he affectionately began referring to as ‘celebrities’ last year. This season, he decided to bestow this special gift upon them.

On Mr. Bhatia’s LinkedIn page, a video features a delighted employee standing beside the newly revealed car in the showroom. He expressed to reporters that these employees have consistently shown loyalty to the company and have contributed significantly to its growth.

In another video, Mr. Bhatia emphasised how he had always treated his employees as if they were celebrities and stars who operated as part of their own company. He explained, “Because we’ve consistently made them feel like celebrities, the media has now recognised and validated what we’ve believed for a long time.” He also acknowledged the company’s journey with its ups and downs but praised these employees for remaining steadfast and aiding the company’s progress, referring to them as “our stars.”

Although the cars were gifted a month ago, the news started gaining attention this month. Mr. Bhatia mentioned that it was a coincidence that the story emerged around Diwali, as he hadn’t planned it that way.

The employees, on the other hand, were pleasantly surprised by this generous gift. Shilpa, a senior employee at MitsKart, expressed her delight, saying, “Eight years ago, when I joined, Sir had shared his dream of giving all his employees a car. Today, he’s turned that dream into reality, and our happiness knows no bounds.”

Indeed, Mr. Bhatia has unknowingly initiated a Diwali celebration like no other, turning his employees’ dreams into dazzling reality, and making it a truly unforgettable and perfect festival of lights!

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