Ghaziabad girl, 11, raped by stepfather, tortured by mother to cover up his crime

A woman in Ghaziabad tortured her 11-year-old daughter to cover up for a rape committed by her stepfather. The accused also molested the girl's 13-year-old brother. Both the woman and her husband have been arrested.
Ghaziabad girl, 11, raped by stepfather, tortured by mother to cover up his crime
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In a shocking incident, an 11-year-old girl was raped by her stepfather in Ghaziabad. Her mother, instead of saving her daughter, beat and tortured her to cover up for the crime by the stepfather. Not only that, the accused had also molested the victim's 14-year-old brother.

The girl had escaped from her house after she was unable to bear the torture of the accused and reached Delhi. The Delhi Police later found her on a deserted road and arrested her mother and her stepfather. A medical examination later confirmed that the girl was raped.

According to the police, the girl's father had died a few years ago, after which the victim, her mother and her two brothers went to their native village.

But after a few days, the girl, her mother and her sons returned to Ghaziabad. She then got married to a man and started living with him living in her neighbourhood. During that time, the accused, the victim's stepfather, started to force his wife into prostitution and raped the girl.

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Ghaziabad girl, 11, raped by stepfather, tortured by mother to cover up his crime

The accused also molested the victim's elder brother when he objected. When her younger sister informed her mother about her stepfather's misdeeds, the woman instead of supporting and protecting her, began to torture her. Shockingly, the woman also threatened to kill her daughter if she had revealed the crime to anyone.

Upset and scared over the brutalities of her mother and stepfather, the girl left the house in Ghaziabad and went towards Delhi. The Delhi Police subsequently found her on a deserted road in a dejected condition.

The Delhi Police filed an FIR on April 9 and the case was later transferred to Loni Police. Subsequently, the victim's mother and her stepfather were arrested.

A medical examination was conducted on the girl and it was confirmed that she was sexually assaulted. The victim has been sent to a children's house in Delhi, said ACP, Ankur Vihar, Ghaziabad, Bhaskar Verma.

Source: India Today

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