Ex-Google Employee Turns Uber Driver in Bengaluru to Explore City

Bengaluru man's encounter with an Uber motor driver who is an ex-Google employee breaks stereotype that drivers are usually poor.
Ex-Google Employee Turns Uber Driver in Bengaluru to Explore City
Anjali Raj / Jaano Junction

Bengaluru is often the city in India where encountering cab or auto drivers who have careers as corporate professionals or YouTubers is quite common. You might wonder why. Well, it turns out that people like them don’t drive for a living as typical drivers do in India. They take on these jobs to explore the city and meet new people, which is an interesting departure from the stereotype that drivers are usually financially challenged. This trend was exemplified by a recent incident in Bengaluru.

On a micro-blogging site ‘X,’ a user named Raghav Dua shared a video of himself riding with an Uber Moto driver along with the caption that revealed, “My Uber Moto driver is ex-google, moved to Bangalore 20 days ago from Hyderabad. He is just doing this to explore the city it seems.” His post quickly went viral, sparking responses from the public who considered it an absolute ‘Peak Bengaluru’ moment.

Take a look:

One user commented, “That’s truly fascinating! I hope you had an interesting conversation during your ride!” Another said, “A convo to remember ig” A third shared a similar experience, “True, I met a 53 year old ex bank manager from Vishakhapatnam who is now living in Delhi to meet people by riding Rapido, he wants to explore all the places in the city & make documentary on it, tough guy.” A fourth user simply exclaimed, “Oh my my!”

Indeed, Bengaluru appears to be redefining norms and embracing the unusual, sometimes for better or worse!

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