Congress Thanks Germany's Intervention on Indian Court's Judgement

Rahul Gandhi and Congress party can't stop thanking the West for intervening the Indian Judiciary order by calling it "Wrong"
Congress Thanks Germany's Intervention on Indian Court's Judgement

Rahul Gandhi asked for the U.S and European countries to intervene in the integral matters of the Indian Parliament and Indian Judiciary.

Rahul Gandhi was disqualified from his membership of Indian Parliament and is no longer a representative of Wayanad's seat. The Parliament issued this notice soon after the Rahul Gandhi was convicted by Surat Court in a criminal defamation case for his remarks on the Modi surname.

In 2019 Gandhi while addressing a public rally in Karnataka stated, "How come all thieves have Modi as the common surname?" The remark was considered derogatory for the Modi community and later on an FIR was filed by MLA Purnesh Modi.

On March 23, The Gujrat court granted him of 2 year jail but was bailed immediately. Right after the courts judgement, Rahul Gandjhi was removed as a member of parliament and the privileges an MP enjoys under the Articles 105 and 194 of the Constitution. That includes his residence at Tughlak Lane, his Salary and other allowances etc.

Congress party members across the country went protests calling this act as "Death of Democracy". Gandhi further states that he will continue to attack and tarnish PM Modi's image irrespective of his membership.

Rahul Gandhi later on asked the western countries to intervene in integral matters of Inidan Court and Parliament.

Germany's Foreign Ministry spokesperson today spoke in favor of Rahul Gandhi by Calling out on PM Modi's definition of Democracy.

Along with Digvijay Singh and other senior Congress party members were seen thanking the Germany for intervening in India's integral matter.

This act of Thanking and asking the west to take over Inida's intergal matters has invited a backlash for the Congress that has them claimed the title of "West Sympathizers" by the BJP and other nation first philosophy followers.

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