Collector’s office set on fire in Chhattisgarh during Satnami community’s protest

Members of the Satnami community clashed with Chhattisgarh Police as they gathered for protest in Baloda Bazar on Monday.
Collector’s office set on fire in Chhattisgarh during Satnami community’s protest
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A protest by the Satnami community turned violent in Chhattisgarh’s Baloda Bazar, with angry crowds clashing with police, resulting in several injuries and significant property damage. The protestors, outraged by the damage to their religious pillar, had gathered in large numbers from across the state on Monday.

On May 17, unidentified persons had vandalised a 'jaitkhamb', a structure revered by the Satnami community, near holy Amar Gufa in Giroudpuri dham in Baloda Bazar district. This led to widespread anger among the Satnami community.

Despite the arrest of three suspects by the police, tensions remained high.

On Monday, thousands of Satnami community members rallied in Baloda Bazar, converging at the district headquarters. The police had deployed a large number of forces in anticipation of the protest, but the sheer number of demonstrators overwhelmed the authorities.

Protestors broke through barricades and engaged in stone-pelting and physical altercations with the police, injuring several officers seriously.

The protestors reached the Collector's office, where they caused extensive damage, setting fire to the premises and surrounding areas, including the SP's office. They also destroyed approximately 100 cars and 200 motorcycles, as well as fire engines.

The police, unable to control the mob, had to flee to save their lives.

Former Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel described the violence as worrying and stressed that timely action by the administration could have prevented the escalation.

“If the government and administration had taken the necessary steps on time, people's anger could have been prevented from reaching this extent. The Satnami community is a community that follows the path of peace and harmony shown by Baba Ghasidas. I appeal to the people of the community to maintain peace,” Baghel said.

As the situation remains tense, additional forces have been called from Raipur to restore order. The situation in Balodabazar is being closely monitored, with the state government seeking to address the community's grievances and ensure justice is served.

In light of the violent events, Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai summoned the Chhattisgarh DGP for a briefing on the situation.

Meanwhile, the state government has ordered a judicial probe into the vandalisation of 'jaitkhamb', an official was quoted as saying by news agency PTI.

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Collector’s office set on fire in Chhattisgarh during Satnami community’s protest

"On the demand of various organisations and representatives of the Satnami community, Deputy Chief Minister Vijay Sharma, who also holds the Home portfolio, has ordered a judicial inquiry into the incident," the official said.

Source: India Today

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