Cat Fight In Delhi Metro: Women Pull Each Other's Hair in Dispute Over Seats in Viral Video

Two women get into a fierce argument on a Delhi Metro train over a seat issue, in a video that has gone viral. Passengers try to break up the fight, but the women continue to scream at each other. This is just the latest in a string of such incidents on the Delhi Metro.
Cat Fight In Delhi Metro: Women Pull Each Other's Hair in Dispute Over Seats in Viral Video

The Delhi metro consistently lives up to the saying we often heard from teachers during our youth: ‘Is this a Fish Market?’ Without a doubt, this expression has found a new fitting replacement - ‘Delhi Metro’ as time and again, instances of commotion and brawls surface online, leading us to reconsider the phrase. Just recently, a video capturing a heated brawl between two women has gone viral on the internet.

This video, circulating widely on the platform previously known as Twitter and now called ‘X’, showcases a group of women deeply engaged in a fierce altercation. They can be seen exchanging blows and pulling each other’s hair amid an air of revenge. Even bystanders stepped in, attempting to stop the conflict as these women continued to scream at each other amidst their intense exchange. Their dispute reportedly revolves around a seat issue within the metro. While the video quickly spread like wildfire, it triggered amusing responses. The repetitive nature of such incidents no longer surprises or disheartens people; instead, it has become an almost daily spectacle for them.

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Cat Fight In Delhi Metro: Women Pull Each Other's Hair in Dispute Over Seats in Viral Video

In a post by @gharkekalesh, the video was accompanied by the caption, “Kalesh b/w Some group of girl and woman inside delhi metro over seat issue."

Watch the viral video here:

Comments promptly flooded in, with one individual humourously noting, “Delhi metro is the most happening place in the entire universe." Another quipped, “Itna drama toh bigg boss me nhi hota jitna Delhi metro me hota hai ab." A third person wittily suggested, “Delhi metro & mumbai local should be considered as a fight club transport."

Recalling a prior incident, a similar scenario unfolded when two women engaged in both physical and verbal clashes within the confines of a moving Delhi Metro train. As the footage progressed, their discord escalated, both striving vehemently to assert their respective stances.

While the precise reason behind that exchange remained unknown, the video implied that a minor request made by one woman regarding the other’s standing position ignited the conflict.

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