Canada couple films 'sun-like' objects in sky, internet cooks up sci-fi theories

Justin Stevenson and his partner Danielle were left awestruck after encountering flickering lights as "bright as the sun" hanging over a river in Canada's Manitoba. A video of the strange sighting has gone viral, eliciting a variety of reactions from social media users.
Canada couple films 'sun-like' objects in sky, internet cooks up sci-fi theories

A routine drive turned into a scene straight out of a sci-fi movie for a Canadian couple after they encountered pulsating lights as bright as the sun hanging in the sky in Manitoba province.

Justin Stevenson, 49, and his partner Danielle, 32, were left awestruck by the mysterious phenomenon. A video shared by the couple on social media shows the dazzling lights, “super bright like a fire,” hovering over the Winnipeg River.

Stevenson, a self-proclaimed sceptic of the paranormal, was left speechless. “Yo, I think we’re seeing some aliens for real,” he can be heard saying in footage he captured of the encounter.

The couple pulled over as they trained their eyes on the two sun-like orbs dancing in the twilight, when another set of bright lights materialized nearby. Check out the video here:

“It felt like we were in a sci-fi movie,” Stevenson told a local news outlet later.

The sightings sparked a frenzy on social media after Daniels-Stevenson uploaded a clip. The video, garnering over 650,000 views, ignited a debate with comments ranging from “military flares” to “a clear shot of UFOs.”

One user suggested, “Might just be these new military mega-flares used for illumination. Usually Search and Rescue. Looks about right.”

Meanwhile, another user countered, “I’m not saying it’s aliens from outer space, but I really can’t see lights from a high rise being the culprit.”

Another scoffed at the “sun-like UFO” explanation.

The true nature of the lights remains a mystery. Social media continues to buzz, churning out theories as diverse as a ball of lightning and even disguised jets.

What do you think this anomaly in the Canadian night sky was – earthly or otherworldly? Let us know in the comments.

Source: India Today

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