Broken Seats: Air India Passenger Who Paid Rs 4.5 Lakh For Delhi-Toronto Flight Slams Airline

Air India passenger irked after finding broken seats, no lights on a Delhi-Toronto flight, expresses disappointment in the now-viral video.
Broken Seats: Air India Passenger Who Paid Rs 4.5 Lakh For Delhi-Toronto Flight Slams Airline
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A woman who recently took an Air India flight from Delhi to Toronto with her husband and two kids expressed dissatisfaction with the overall experience, highlighting issues that made the journey uncomfortable. In a now-viral video, Instagram user Shreyti Garg criticised the airline for the subpar conditions, despite paying a significant amount of Rs 4.5 lakhs for the tickets.

Garg started by showcasing the in-flight entertainment systems on their screens, emphasising their complete non-functionality. She demonstrated how she had to use her phone’s torch to assist her toddler in the dark due to malfunctioning overhead lights. Additionally, Garg mentioned a safety concern regarding a broken seat handle with protruding wires, posing a potential threat to her toddler, although she didn’t provide visual evidence of it. She wrote, “Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the broken seat handle and literally had to protect my toddler from getting hurt as all the wires were coming out of the system.”

Despite complaining to the airline staff about the disappointing services, Garg claimed there was no satisfactory response. She expressed frustration, stating, “It seems they rebooted the system but the still everything was not working. We were left helpless with 2 kids and had to manage everything on our own.” She then criticised Air India, stating, “@airindia firstly the pricing of tickets is already too high and on top of it, instead of making the journey smooth for the passengers you made it inconvenient for the parents travelling with the kids especially.”

The video quickly gained traction, accumulating over 2.8 million views and numerous comments. One user shared a similar experience, stating, “This was the same case with me in toronto delhi sector none of screen was working , earlier i thought its a temporary issue but now iam sure its permanent.” Another echoed, “Absolutely agree. Had the same experience on our Air India flight back to Toronto.”

However, there were dissenting opinions. One user sarcastically remarked, “Imagine thinking that it is the airlines responsibility to entertain and look after your children on a flight. I wonder how parents ever travelled with children before onboard screen were installed.” Another pointed out, “You paid for travel not entertainment. Entertainment is extra perk you get . Many people get confused with this kind of stuff. Probably because of lack of knowledge.”

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Broken Seats: Air India Passenger Who Paid Rs 4.5 Lakh For Delhi-Toronto Flight Slams Airline

As of now, Air India has not responded to the viral video.

Source: News18

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