Bengaluru Woman Loses Rs 8.2 Lakh in Attempt to Reunite With Ex-boyfriend Using 'Black Magic'

Discover the shocking tale of a Bengaluru woman who lost a staggering Rs 8.2 lakh in a desperate attempt to reunite with her ex-boyfriend using 'black magic'.
Bengaluru Woman Loses Rs 8.2 Lakh in Attempt to Reunite With Ex-boyfriend Using 'Black Magic'
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Love supposedly comes without a price tag, but for a woman in Bengaluru, the pursuit of rekindling romance with her ex-boyfriend turned into a costly affair. Unbeknownst to Rahil (name changed), a 25-year-old resident of Jalahalli, her desperate desire to reunite with her former partner led her down a path of financial loss totalling a staggering Rs. 8.2 lakhs.

Facing emotional turmoil after her breakup, Rahil sought solace from an internet-found astrologer named Ahmed, along with his associates Abdul and Liyakhatulla on December 9. Ahmed claimed that black magic had been cast upon Rahil, her friends, and her family, causing disturbances in her life. To counteract this, he proposed certain rituals, requesting a payment of Rs. 501.

After Rahil digitally transferred the amount, Ahmed then asked for photographs of her, her friends, and family members. Subsequently, he proposed performing black magic rituals on her ex-boyfriend and parents for Rs. 2.4 lakhs, ensuring they would support her relationship. Rahil, in desperation, agreed and handed over the cash to Ahmed’s associates on December 22.

However, the financial demands did not cease, and a few days later, Ahmed insisted on an additional Rs. 1.7 lakhs. Suspecting foul play, Rahil refused to pay more, leading Ahmed to resort to abuse and threats of revealing intimate photos with her former boyfriend to her parents. Yielding to the pressure, Rahil ended up making multiple digital transactions totalling Rs. 4.1 lakhs by January 10.

Upon discovering Rahil’s financial loss, her parents encouraged her to seek legal intervention, prompting her to file an FIR with the Jalahalli police. During the investigation, it was found that the money had been transferred to Ahmed’s associate Liyakhatulla’s account. A police officer shared, “Ahmed claimed Rahil forced him to perform black magic and would return her money. But his mobile number is switched off now.”

Further investigation into the matter is currently underway.

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