Bengaluru Scooty Rider Attacks ISRO Scientist, Hits His Car in Road Rage Incident

ISRO scientist allegedly attacked by a Bengaluru biker in road rage incident.
Bengaluru Scooty Rider Attacks ISRO Scientist, Hits His Car in Road Rage Incident

In a recent incident involving road rage, a scientist from the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) was reportedly subjected to an attack by an individual while he was driving to his workplace in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The scientist, Aashish Lamba, recounted the incident in a post shared on ‘X’, where he explained that as he was en route to the ISRO office, an individual on a scooter, not wearing a helmet, abruptly cut in front of his car. Aashish had to suddenly apply brakes to avoid a collision, which led the scooter rider to stop in front of his car and unleash a barrage of verbal abuse.

Sharing both video footage and images captured by the car’s dashboard camera, Aashish recounted that the incident occurred near the recently constructed HAL underpass on Old Airport Road in Bengaluru on August 29. He detailed that the scooter rider approached his car, berated him, and even kicked his car tires in a fit of anger. “Yesterday during going to ISRO office, Near to newly constructed HAL underpass, a person on scooty without helmet was driving recklessly and coming in front of our car suddenly and so We had to apply sudden brake," he wrote in the caption.

The official Bengaluru Police account promptly responded with the message, “Noted, we (will) inform concerned Police officer" and even requested Aashish’s contact details for further communication.

Subsequently, users on social media began reacting to the incident, demanding stringent measures against such unruly behaviour. One user inquired, “Any update on the arrest? The victim is an ISRO Scientist. This is the state of our front liners, let alone common citizens.. what sections are you slapping on the uncivilized goon? Please make his arrest public." Another remarked, “Sad to hear that tons of road rage cases getting registered by day in Bengaluru."

In a separate recent incident involving an ISRO scientist, a private tutor was arrested in Surat for allegedly impersonating an ISRO scientist and providing media interviews claiming to have designed the lander module for the Chandrayaan-3 moon mission. The accused, identified as Mitul Trivedi, utilised this false identity to attract more students to his tuition classes in Surat.

According to PTI, he went to the extent of fabricating a fake appointment letter dated February 26, 2022, declaring him as the “assistant chairman” of ISRO’s “Ancient Science Application department” to substantiate his false claims.

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