‘ATM Baba’ in Bihar gives crash-course in breaking ATMs to thieves in UP

A man in Bihar gave “training” to men in Uttar Pradesh on how to break ATMs and orchestrated a robbery in Lucknow.
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Learn how to break open ATMs in just 15 minutes -- this was the training that was being provided to young men in Bihar’s Chhapra by a man who came to be known as ‘ATM Baba’.

The name of Sudhir Mishra, also known as ATM Baba, came to light during the interrogation of several arrested suspects involved in a recent ATM theft in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The suspects had managed to break into an SBI ATM machine and made away with a staggering sum of Rs 39.58 lakhs in just 16 minutes. It was later discovered that Mishra had orchestrated the entire theft, and his associates, including his friend and accomplice Bulbul Mishra, were among those apprehended by the police.

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On April 3, a group of four robbers successfully looted an ATM machine located in the Sultanpur Road area of Lucknow. The Joint Police Commissioner, Crime, Neelabja Choudhary, said the responsibility for the crime was handed over to Neeraj Mishra, a close friend of Sudhir Mishra, who then collaborated with three other suspects to execute the robbery.

Before the incident took place, two accused -- Devash Pandey and Vijay Pandey -- had carried out reconnaissance in the area. Afterwards, four robbers were called from Mewat in Haryana to carry out the plan.

At the time of the robbery, ‘ATM Baba’ was reportedly present in Bihar and was in constant contact with the other suspects via mobile phone. The group had already planned to cut the ATM machine, and they used three gas pipes, one cylinder regulator, a gas meter, six hacksaw blades, one big crowbar, two pliers, and a hammer to carry out the crime.

In addition, the suspects were trained by ATM Baba, Sudhir Mishra, to carry out the crime.

The group also used black ink to cover the CCTV camera located above the ATM machine to avoid getting caught. Two people also stood outside the ATM to keep a lookout. In 15-16 minutes, the suspects managed to rob the ATM and ran away with the money.

The police said that Neeraj Mishra Raj Tiwari, Pankaj Kumar Pandey alias Liter, and Kumar Bhaskar Ojha were arrested at 3 o'clock in the night near Janvi intersection with a blue Baleno used in the incident. Further interrogation of the accused revealed that out of Rs 39,58,00 stolen, Rs 9,13,500 were kept at a flat in apartment near Sushant Golf City police station area.

The police recovered the cash from the flat along with the blue Pulsar bike that was used to carry out reconnaissance. The police also recovered instruments used to break open the ATM.

The Lucknow police have launched an investigation into the matter, and rest of the suspects are being searched for by the police. The police have stated that the culprits will be caught soon.

Source: India Today

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