Actor Darshan’s fan given electrical shocks before murder, reveals autopsy

The post-mortem report of Renukaswamy revealed that he was tortured and given electric shocks prior to his death. Details of the alleged torture were disclosed by Dhanraj, who was arrested in connection with the case on June 16.
Actor Darshan’s fan given electrical shocks before murder, reveals autopsy
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The post-mortem report of Renukaswamy, a fan of popular Kannada actor Darshan Thoogudeepa, has revealed he was tortured with electric shocks before his death, police sources said on Monday.

The development comes as authorities investigate the high-profile case that has shocked the Kannada film industry. Darshan and his actor friend Pavithra Gowda are among 17 people arrested in connection with Renukaswamy's murder.

Police sources said a newly arrested suspect, Dhanraj, a cable worker from Mandya, revealed details about the torture. Dhanraj was allegedly called to a godown in Bengaluru by another accused, Nandish, where they planned to use an electrical megger to shock Renukaswamy. The police have seized the device.

Renukaswamy, an autorickshaw driver and a member of actor Darshan's fanclub, was allegedly kidnapped from Chitradurga district on June 8 after sending derogatory messages to Pavithra Gowda. His body was later found near Sumanahalli Bridge in Bengaluru.

CCTV footage accessed by India Today TV shows the moments leading up to Renukaswamy's kidnapping. The accused reportedly began trailing him in an autorickshaw at 9:30 AM when he left home. The autorickshaw was caught on surveillance camera at 9:41 AM while passing a petrol pump. An accomplice can also be seen following on a white scooter.

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Actor Darshan’s fan given electrical shocks before murder, reveals autopsy

A car allegedly used in the abduction was also seized on Sunday. The vehicle was found parked at a house in Ayyanahalli village in Chitradurga district, according to a PTI report. Ravi, one of the suspects, allegedly left the car there. Several items were confiscated from the vehicle after interrogating Ravi’s family.

Darshan, known as the "Challenging Star," and 12 associates were initially arrested last Tuesday (June 11). Police custody for Darshan, Gowda, and 11 others was extended on Saturday as the investigation continues.

Source: India Today

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