25-Year Old Bihar Man Dies In Momo Eating Challenge

The father of the deceased alleged that his son's friend poisoned him and purposefully presented the challenge.
25-Year Old Bihar Man Dies In Momo Eating Challenge
Graphic by Shatakshi Sarvesh | Jaano Junction

A 25-year-old Bihar youth's "momo eating challenge" ended fatally on Thursday. During a game of "who can eat the most momos" with pals, Bipin Kumar Paswan, a resident of Gopalganj, Bihar, passed out from eating so many dumplings.

After being hurried to the hospital by his pals, Bipin—who worked in a mobile repair shop—was pronounced dead.

On the other hand, the father of the deceased claimed that his son was killed as a result of a "conspiracy" that his friends had set into motion. He insisted that they poisoned Bipin and purposely put out the challenge.

The body was transported for a postmortem once police arrived, according to an article in India Today. In addition to awaiting a medical report, the incident is being investigated.

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