100 stray dogs in Delhi receive QR-code based doggy 'Aadhaar cards'

100 dogs in Delhi received QR-based 'Aadhaar cards' at key locations to enhance safety. Priya Chopra led the initiative, aiming to protect our furry friends. Akshay Ridlan plans to expand the impact through creative initiatives.
100 stray dogs in Delhi receive QR-code based doggy 'Aadhaar cards'
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Recently, 100 canines in Delhi, the national capital of India, were given adorable "Aadhaar Cards." An NGO started the program, which aims to prevent stray animals from harm such as relocation or being lost.

The 100 canines are reportedly spread over several sites, including India Gate, Delhi Terminal 1 (T-1) airport, and a dog sanctuary in Delhi that is managed by animal activist Manavi Rai.

The drive took place on April 27 (Saturday). It commenced early morning, tagging dogs in and around the above-mentioned locations.

In a statement, animal activist Manavi Rai called the doggy Aadhaar cards a "lifeline for our furry friends".

"Today, I'm thrilled to share that these QR-based tags will serve as a lifeline for our furry friends, especially in times of distress," she said, as quoted by media reports.

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100 stray dogs in Delhi receive QR-code based doggy 'Aadhaar cards'

The QR-based "Aadhaar cards" for dogs are a creation of the non-profit organization Pawfriend.in.

The QR-based identifying technique, according to the NGO website, is a "unique, inexpensive, easy-to-use solution" to microchips, which, although being a popular solution, are not available "due to its cost, the hassle of inserting in dogs and separate scanner needs."

"It is a unique identification tag with end-to-end information about the stray stored in it. This QR code can be put as a tag on the dog and easily scanned when anyone finds a lost stray in their vicinity," details the NGO.

"One quick QR code scan and the passer-by can have all the information about the original feeder or caretaker of the mute soul!" it adds.

The QR-based identification contains vital information that can help authorities or people reunite lost dogs with their caregivers. This includes details like feeder information and emergency contacts.

Source: WION

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