How Can We? |Poem on Women Empowerment

Presenting an introspective poem on women empowerment, penned by Divya Tibrewal, highlighting the ignorant behaviour of society towards the woes of women.
How Can We? |Poem on Women Empowerment

How can we ?

By Divya Tibrewal

How can we afford

to crush their dreams

And to overlook their painful screams

How can we inflict such pain upon them

And still claim –

To worship goddess and deity

To possess for them

love and pity.

Why aren’t we afraid

Of snatching away their chastity

Of our majesty.

What right do we possess

To worship goddess Lakshmi,

When we kill a wife , a daughter in law

Just for money.

Why aren’t we ashamed

of committing such crimes.

Why do we fail to change our thoughts

With changing times

Why do we fail

To understand their plight

And help them win their right.

To give them a secondary place

Or condemn them –

In life’s phase.

Why don’t we realise

Their power and potential

And our own duties,

Which are very essential.

Why don’t we take a step forward

To win for women

The respect they deserve .

A request to the society as a whole

And to women even more

Stand for your rights

And for all that you deserve!

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