Watch: 'Iron Man'-Inspired Jet Suit Race Grips Dubai Skyline as Pilots Navigate Futuristic Course

Dubai hosts its first-ever jet suit race, with pilots soaring against the skyline. Gravity Industries collaborates with Dubai Sports Council for this futuristic event
Watch: 'Iron Man'-Inspired Jet Suit Race Grips Dubai Skyline as Pilots Navigate Futuristic Course
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This city-state in the United Arab Emirates, home to the world’s tallest building and other wonders, witnessed a groundbreaking event as pilots gathered for Dubai’s inaugural jet suit race on Wednesday. The competition was organised by Gravity Industries in collaboration with the Dubai Sports Council.

It showcased participants equipped with jet engines on their hands and backs, reminiscent of scenes from the globally famed “Iron Man” movie. Against the backdrop of towering skyscrapers, pilots navigated the course with these powerful jet suits. Held on a runway utilised by Skydive Dubai, a company linked to Crown Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, the event drew attention for its futuristic spectacle.

Richard Browning, the founder, and chief test pilot for Gravity Industries, likened the jet suit experience to fulfilling the dream of flying. “The closest analogy would be that dream of flying … and then go wherever your mind is taking you,” he expressed. Browning stressed the real-world application of the technology, drawing parallels to the world of Marvel superheroes and DC Comics. “And yes, the world of Marvel superheroes and DC Comics, they have created that dream book with CGI, and we’ve got the closest I think anybody’s ever got to delivering that for real,” he was quoted as saying by The Associated Press.

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Watch: 'Iron Man'-Inspired Jet Suit Race Grips Dubai Skyline as Pilots Navigate Futuristic Course

With 1,500 horsepower, the jet suits outperformed many luxury sports cars, running on aviation fuel akin to that used by Dubai-based airline Emirates for its Airbus A380s and Boeing 777 aircraft. While these jet suits can speed up to 128 km/h, pilots exercised caution, navigating through a water channel to ensure safety. Despite a few minor mishaps, including one pilot ending up in the water, the Emirati participant, with only 12 days of training, swiftly recovered and signaled to rescuers.

The race ended in a win for Issa Kalfon, representing the UK, who crossed the finish line to claim a golden jet turbine. Despite describing the jet suit as safe and manageable, Kalfon admitted to feeling nervous before takeoff, highlighting the adrenaline-fueled experience of the race. Gravity Industries, previously recognised for outfitting a UK Royal Marine with a jet suit for a remarkable sea landing.

Onlookers gaped at the jet suits, with several saying they couldn’t wait to go for a ride themselves. “You can see the best show you can ever see in Dubai because people are flying — they are flying in the sky,” said Pratik Vyas, 35, of Gujarat, who works in an import-export business. “It’s a next-level tech. It’s really, really nice because if you’re a big fan of Iron Man, you know, Tony Stark, it’s Iron Man tech.”

Source: News18

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